[17 Jul 2012 | | ]
[How-to] Improve N900 performance: Collection of tweaks

Want more performance and power for your N900 and give it a go at competing against today’s hardware? I’ve decided to put up a small collection of patches and tweaks that could greatly improve the performance of your N900 here.

Note: The guide assumes you know what you’re doing, as some of the tweaks might cause damage to your system, so use those at your own risk. Also, some of the packages to be installed require Extras-devel to be enabled, read on how to enable it here if you can’t find the package. Disable it right after you’ve done everything!

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[24 Jul 2012 | | ]
De-Lite: Great Lights Out Clone

Ever had a Lights Out game? If yes, then open for some nostalgia, but if not, then familiarize yourself with it, all that with De-Lite on your N900.

De-Lite is a really nice SDL clone of Lights Out. Those unfamiliar with the game will pick it up soon, as it is really simple. The main premise is to shut down all the lights on the board by tapping a lightpiece and do it in as less moves as possible. Tapping one piece affects the pieces adjacent to it.
De-Lite has many challenging levels available and will provide you with much minutes of puzzle fun. Thinking out the most efficient way to clear a level is a good brain teaser. The graphics are great and the the touch controls are quite smooth. Go on and add it to your collection. De-Lite is available from Extras, the package name is de-lite.

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[23 Jul 2012 | | ]

Want to have beautiful pictures of your family/friends/places to constantly remind you about them? Place them in a frame on your desktop? Personal Photo Frame helps you with this.

Personal Photo Frame is a widget that does what the name suggest, it holds a frame with your photos and displays them on your desktop. You can choose the size of the frame, choose between a single picture mode or a slideshow mode. The second one allows you to have a whole folder of your images in a frame, which you can scroll through (the buttons for scrolling can be removed if you so desire) and have them automatically scroll after a certain amount of time.
One thing I’ll mark as a flaw is the inability to go through an image folder recursively or display two or more folders. That is, if you have all your photos carefully sorted into directories, you’ll have only one directory to choose.
That aside, the widget is pretty neat and nice to have on your desktop. Go and fetch it from Extras, the package name is personal-photo-frame.

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[21 Jul 2012 | | ]
KeepassX: Password Keeping Powerhouse

Can’t seem to remember all your passwords and prefer convenient password keepers? Try Password Safe. Too simple? Then KeepassX is what you might want.

The premise of KeepassX is the same as with Password Safe: it stores all your usernames and passwords into a single encrypted database, so you’ll only need to remember a single key to access your whole list. It is just as cross-platform and runs almost everywhere. However, KeepassX is Password Safe on steroids.
The amount of features is huge. Keepass supports groups, exporting, different encryption levels, URLs for your desired websites, custom icons, attachments, expiration dates, list sorting, export-import with several formats available and much, much more under the settings. Those coming from Password Safe can import it’s database into Keepass as well, the formats are compatible.
The price for much of the power is the interface: the porters didn’t seem to adapt the huge GUI for the N900’s screen. The interface is pressed down, taking it’s space. This doesn’t stop the program from being useable, but it sure makes it hard to see what’s written on the buttons and makes it hard to hit them as well. After a while, the main menu becomes a huge mess.
That aside, KeepassX is a great and very powerful password-storing app. It is only available through Extras-Devel, so if you want to try it out yourself make sure to enable the repository only once, disable it after you fetch the app.

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[19 Jul 2012 | | ]
Keeping passwords safe with Password Safe

Using many passwords for different websites, but having trouble remembering them all? Password Safe needs you just to remember one.

Password Safe is a port of the full-fledged libre desktop program for keeping track of all your passwords. It saves all your passwords into an encrypted database and you can easily read them off it with your master password. The master password is not saved in the database, but it’s the only thing you’ll have to remember.
Password Safe keeps great simplicity and keeps the features and security. It has group support, keeps notes and, well, usernames and passwords. You can also keep several different databases. Thanks to import/export feature, you can keep the database on the PC or your N900 and freely update and exchange information between the devices. Password Safe supports many platforms, so you don’t need to worry whether you’re on GNU/Linux or Windows.
While not as feature-rich as KeePassX (the N900 port of which I’ll review soon), Password Safe is just as cross-platform and very-very simple. Go give it a go: fetch it off Extras (package name: pwsafe).

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[18 Jul 2012 | | ]
Don Ceferino: Super Pang clone on the N900

Ever played Super Pang, a little flash game where you shoot down bubbles with harpoons? Well, apparently it has a nice N900 clone, Don Ceferino!

As mentioned, Don Ceferino is a Super Pang clone. That means the whole premise of the game is to try and shoot down as many flying bubbles as you can without them touching your character, who is Don Ceferino, trying to rescue his cow from being abducted.
If you played the original , then there’s not much to be said. It is a really well done clone, featuring several levels of challenging bubble popping! Don Ceferino can grab bonuses off defeated alien bubbles, which range from additional time to more weapons. The touch control is really good, but the game itself needs to be played on keyboard. Surprisingly, the controls are very tolerable! Several keybindings are available, so you can control the game as you see fit. The graphics look smooth and the music is nice too.
As so, the game is good enough to land in your game collection. Fetch it off Extras (package name is ceferino) and go save the cow from aliens!