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[17 Jul 2011 | | ]
Nokia N950 under water

Check this amazing video of the Nokia N950 video recording under water. This is a video test from MeetMeego Youtube Channel.

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[8 Jul 2011 | | ]
Meego will be supported “for years”

“We will support Nokia N9 for years and release several SW updates” is the twitter message that Nokia just put in their page. This means that if you buy Nokia N9 you will have updates for, at least, 2 years, according to Nokia boss: Klas Ström. This is not a simple message, it comes from Nokia and they are making a comittement on stading with a support to a solely device: Nokia N9, the only Meego Open Source Nokia phone.

The same person, Klas Ström, makes a “not to worry” message with this tweet as many people are disappointed with Nokia leaving Symbian and many more (essentially developers) would be if Nokia got off Open Source and focused on Microsoft Windows Phone only. This is also a message to investors that could be thinking that a better mobile would be coming featuring Windows Phone 7 Mango which could tell us that Nokia N9 wouldn’t be that good. Another thing one can be sure: You can install Meego on Nokia N900 and get it updated whenever you want. So Nokia is supporting Nokia N900 for years too!

For those who are fancy with Nokia Windows Phone, we already have a look on how would be that phone: It is Nokia Sea Ray that Stephen Elop presented in June. When will it come? Will it kill Nokia N9? Will it be a sucess? Will it fail? We have to wait to answer those questions. Will it be released in November? A Portuguese website called PT10G is saying that Nokia will release Nokia Windows Phone in November 2011 (before Christmas) so we can say that Nokia N9 will be making the sales by September this year.

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[6 Jun 2011 | | ]
Nokia N900 Wallpaper Pack

Hello folks. Our Nokia N900 community is growing and we have almost 100.000 facebook fans. That’s a lot and was not on our expectations when we started running this fantastic Nokia N900 blog. Thanks to Pang, advanced stuff on the Nokia N900 is being posted but on this post I’d like just to pass you a little gift from the web for the beginners: a Nokia N900 wallpaper pack, so that you can have many wallpapers from where to select and download.
The file we are posting has only 26mb so it’s a fast download from Rapidshare. There are some individual wallpapers for the N900 but also some 4-wallpaper files so that you can put it on all homescreens equal.
The Nokia N900 is made for programmers or for advanced users but you can also have some fun with it with no knowledge on programming. Anyway we won’t see another Nokia N900 coming into scene, so it will be this one that we have to work with and it’s already an excellent device.
Please, enjoy our community, our Facebook page, our Twitter, our N900 Forum and N900 Store. It’s all yours! Download your Nokia N900 wallpaper pack from rapidshare here.

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[16 Apr 2011 | | ]
Supertooth Disco on Nokia N900 for 84.22£ (strong bluetooth stereo speaker)

The folks from Supertooth have been releasing some accessories compatible with almost all mobile phones and one of them is the Supertooth Disco, that works with all phones that have Bluetooth, and of course, it works with the Nokia N900. Besides that, the Supertooth Disco can be connected with a cable with your MP3 and other audio devices so that you can output the sound with the Disco accessory, this way you can have both bluetooth and non bluetooh devices working with the Supertooth Disco.

What is indeed the Supertooth Disco and how can I plug it on the Nokia N900?
The answer is very clear. This accessory allows you to connect your Nokia N900 with this powerful column (28 watt). Thus, you can play your music library and hear the sound coming from this column, wireless and with a very powerfull sound. Honestly, that’s the best bluetooh column I have ever been with: it allows you to make a party at home, in the beach, in your boat, in the forest. It’s fantastic.

How to connect Supertooth Disco and Nokia N900?
In very simple steps:
1) Turn on your Bluetooth on the Nokia N900;
2) Click during 5 seconds on the play button on the Disco accessory;
3) Search on your Nokia N900 for the Supertooth Disco link;
4) Insert the code: 0000;
5) Start playing music. Voilá!
Supertooth Disco Price
You can purchase directly the Supertooth Disco from our Nokia N900 Store link. It’s not that much cheap, but you will be more happy with the N900 buying it! It’s 84.22£=95.15€ right now. I’ve personally reviewed this accessory at our main portal: PhoneRPT. Check it Out!

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[25 Oct 2010 | | ]
Winner Chosen: Best Nokia N900-Captured Picture

From more than 200 photos, around 40 were chosen, and from those, only one could take home the mobile phone tripod set as the prize for the competition sponsored by the N900 accessories store. It wasn’t easy to choose, and some might not like the outcomes, it is not easy to choose from so many breathtaking photographies.
It wasn’t only amateurs who entered the contest, the quality of the exposures submitted demonstrated that some of the photographers likely had at least some experience at professional level. We divided the initial set of best images in categories:

Best Nature Pictures
Best People Pictures
Best Colour Pictures
Best Architecture Pictures
Best Abstract Pictures
Best Misc Pictures

And then from this smaller selection, we began eliminating until there was only one image per category. No criteria for selection, photography is art.
It is time we reveal the top three Nokia N900 pictures, from the selection of entries submitted from all over the world (click on the pictures to view at high-resolution):
Third place – Love is in the air, by Phage
Looking from the nature point of view, it is obvious why this picture is so beautiful. It’s the miracle of reproduction, captured in the “wild”. Of course, having a mobile phone in the pocket allowed the rare action to be captured in time, but it’s not easy to find such a moment, and that gives uniqueness to the picture. Another aspect, now more photography-related, is the “bokeh” effect at the extremities of the image, which shows the delicate capture, given the high aperture of the N900 at that time (f/2.8).

Second place – wow by 5he 4EaL W04LD
This picture has a very appropriate name to it, “wow”. Ancientstructures are really amazing, and with a exquisitive field of flowers and clean blue skies, it only gets better. An amazing view, which makes me jealous of not being there.

First place – n900 flower shot by _ Jai _
The photographer in question did realise that his image fit well in both nature and colours’ categories, but I decided to place it in the latter as there is a nice contrast of colours, as well as an interesting glare from the photo in …

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[22 Oct 2010 | | ]

For N900 pictures that didn’t even fit into the abstract category, perhaps because the photographer didn’t find it appropriate, or perhaps because we didn’t have many categories, there is nothing better than submitting them to this miscellaneous category.
Now, in no particular order, the top misc photos captured by the Nokia N900:

Motorbike taxi in Monrovia Liberia – Misc by Living in Liberia – The picture below shows a city, “a people”, and a way of living. Nothing special about the image itself, but it’s not a common sight for those living in highly-developed countries – I can say that, having lived everywhere from Europe to Africa. It also highlights a flaw belonging to mobile phones, which have small camera sensors and are prone to suffering from noise, highly noticeable in the sky.

I need you.. by Juanra17 – A true artist can always express himself without requiring months of time to work. Sure, Mona Lisa wasn’t painted in a day, but speed of thought is a quality only some master. In this image, the photographer created his own scene, demonstrating impressive imagination with something so simple.

2010.07.07_05.33.55.49 by but29 – A piece of nature randomly captured doesn’t really fit anywhere in terms of photographical categories, but there is something special about this image, something unique. The photographer might have used flash, or not, but the image itself is dramatic, and the blurry background helps towards achieving that.

Stationaries by firstknightfirst – A tough day at the office? Or maybe too much of maths study? This is what the picture reminds me of. Well composed, it brings out the average Joe’s life.

Promise me love. by baannaannaa – This is another one of those self-made artistic phones, and they are indeed very nice to see. With a piece of jewellery and one’s own hand, it’s an ultimate show of abstract photography, which also fits in this category. I am not sure how the light blue tone was achieved, but it gives the picture a very nice feel to it.

Misc photos are somewhat similar to abstract pictures, one never knows which to select because there is no specific guideline. The ones listed …

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[21 Oct 2010 | | ]
Best Abstract Nokia N900-Captured Photos

For those who have an artistic sole, and not always have a meaning in their photography, the Nokia N900 is an excellent tool to capture those compositions. It’s abstract photography what we’re talking about, the most difficult type of imagery to evaluate as it never has the same meaning for two different people.
Now, the top abstract pictures, in no particular order:

Screen.Sunset by Alvin Neglerio – Sunsets are usually categorised under nature images, but here, with a net superimposed over the scenario, it turns the sunset into something else, something…abstract. It’s an interesting interpretation, worthy of making into this post.

20100628_002 by but29 – What does it mean? No, it’s not a double rainbow, but a question applicable to all abstract images. A stick over a forestry ground, just lying there. The immense detail, playing with light and the focused sections make this a picture that stands out.

Mess by LEOZtudio – The name given to this picture feels right, it sure does look like a mess. Is it a blob of hair? It does not matter. It stands out, and contrasts nicely against the background. It’s very unusual, unique, and abstract. Somehow, it just calls for our attention.

abstract by Wicktarr – This is a photo that also fits well under the colour category, but it will lose points under that category as it does not seem to have much meaning. And when it comes to abstract images, meaning is not a requisite, each person interprets the image to their own discretion. I don’t make much of it, but it caught my eye, which means that I can leave interpretation for later.

It wasn’t easy choosing good abstract pictures, there isn’t even one point in terms of criteria to follow. Only four made it to this point, and the appreciation is, obviously, subjective.
Tomorrow, catch the miscellaneous photography best, the very final post before we declare the overall winner.

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[20 Oct 2010 | | ]

When it comes to architecture, what captures the eye are unusual patterns, dynamic angles, funky colours, and great moments. Now mix all that, with a well-composed image captured with the Nokia N900, and you have an award-winning picture – the award being, of course, a phone tripod.
Our choices, in no particular order:

20100723_003 by sayh – Now what’s happening here? The photographer placed a quote saying “stairs”, but where are these stairs, where do they lead to? It’s the intriguing questions, the use and abuse of glass, and the patterns which turn this into a curious image.

Architecture of Great Wall by LEOZtudio – One of the great wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China is always a mighty sight. Built from the 5th century BC, the wall still stands as an iconic monument and some even believe it can be seen from the moon (not with the naked eye!). What’s even more special about this picture is its composition, as the photographer has bundled the forestry and descending bits of the wall in the image. Beautiful picture!

20100818_005 by tomaszd – One aspect which is almost constant about architectural photography is that certain angles always provide more dramatic images. This applies to the castle or church captured by the photographer, but unfortunately, the picture’s potential is not completely achieved as the side of the castle seems to be under shade. But still, a very good try, following artistic principles.

Grand Palace by xyes – Great recognition of colours and great picture composition is what I have to say about this picture. There doesn’t seem to be any alteration in the image, and even without Photoshopping, the colours really stand out. It is nice to see compositions in vertical orientation, which give another perspective, and allow certain elements to make it to the image differently, such as the sky.

… wow by 5he 4EaL W04LD – This picture has a very appropriate name to it, “wow”. Ancient structures are really amazing, and with a exquisitive field of flowers and clean blue skies, it only gets better. An amazing view, which makes me jealous of not …

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[19 Oct 2010 | | ]
Best Colour Nokia N900-Captured Photos

It is time for yet another batch of images, all with great colour, showing how vivid images the N900’s sensor is able to capture.
In no particular order:

Bumble bees by marcantel – This image would have fit perfectly in the already-flooded nature category, but the strong lively pink, together with the gold and green in the image all jumbled up in the flowers really calls for the attention of the viewer. What didn’t come out so well was the focus, I would guess that the bee, in the midst of this macro picture, would have been a good object to focus on, but the items that are well defined (focused) in the image aren’t very important.

n900 flower shot by _ Jai _ – The photographer in question did realise that his image fit well in both nature and colours’ categories, but I decided to place it in the latter as there is a nice contrast of colours, as well as an interesting glare from the photo in the foreground. There is exceptional use of the bokeh technique, with the flowers being close, yet smoothly fading away into a blurry background. The colours of the flowers, lively pink, gold, and white, are well represented, and contrast against the light foliage on the ground. Further, the wide lens provides some real dynamic to the image, making it one of the very best entries in this contest.

20100927_005 by Kumaran Alagesan – I first thought this picture had suffered heavy Photoshop alterations in the background, but upon close inspection, I found out I was wrong, that this broken flower was actually found like that, under the white-ish background. It’s not only the EXIF data that tells me that, but the terrain that is not completely in grayscale. It is a wonderful image from the artistic point of view, with a sad mood to it.

20100928_005 by ketley2aug – What better to include in a colour competition than the actual rainbow itself? A nice observation by the photographer who captures a nice, appealing moment, which has a summer-feel to it.

20100919_117 copy by markjaysonbanez – There is not …

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[18 Oct 2010 | | ]
Best People Nokia N900-Captured Photos

It is time for another batch of photo reviews, the seven of the best people-related photos captured by the Nokia N900.
These are subjective choices, as there is no way or equation to be impartial – it’s a human choice.
In no particular order:

Policeman’s powergun by Markjaysonbanez – When capturing people photos, there does not always need to be any special care for the setting, or for lightning, or any other of the usual photographic elements for that matter. It is the person’s reaction and mood that matters most, and this is what gives this image a certain comic feel – a figure of authority hiding behind a tree. I’m not sure what went on after that, but hopefully no one was harmed.

Untitled by Mark – This is a personal, artistic portrait captured by a photographer who clearly has experience with this. From the EXIF information I’m able to tell that the N900 was in horizontal mode, so through Adobe Photoshop CS3, Mark cropped it and converted the image to black and white. Before anyone comes moaning that he used graphic-editing software, yes it was allowed, and as you can see, it didn’t make major changes to the image – he still has one nose, two eyes, etc.. What counts is the imagination and what people can capture with the N900. The B&W layer was a bonus, and could be applied from GIMP on the phone itself, and it gave the picture a nice dramatic look.

First time using N900’s camera by Freddy42d – You might say that this picture has nothing special to it, and I’d say that you are correct, and it is exactly what brought it there. The act of capturing an average action, of stopping time in our rushed world, is something we seldom think about. The look of the subject in the foreground, contrasting with the people moving in the blurry background, composes the image, and makes it a good one. The flash didn’t fire, but if it did, perhaps it would make the subject stand out even more – we’ll never know.

20100928_001 by ketley2aug – There is no …

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[11 Oct 2010 | | ]
Best Nature Nokia N900-Captured Photos

After our competition closed on Monday, we selected 44 pictures from the submitted 220+. It was a tough decision, as every single image had its bit of brilliance. This contest couldn’t be possible without the sponsorship from the N900 accessories store.
It is important to remember that the choice will always be biased. These are humans choosing the pictures, not machines, there is no algorithm involved. It is impossible to be 100% fair in the choice, therefore if your nature-themed photo isn’t here, even though it should, our apologies.
At the end of the week we’ll announce the overall winner, who will be sent the tripod for N900.
Now, the top nine nature photos captured by the Nokia N900, in no particular order:

Love is in the air, by Phage – looking from the nature point of view, it is obvious why this picture is so beautiful. It’s the miracle of reproduction, captured in the “wild”. Of course, having a mobile phone in the pocket allowed the rare action to be captured in time, but it’s not easy to find such a moment, and that gives uniqueness to the picture. Another aspect, now more photography-related, is the “bokeh” effect at the extremities of the image, which shows the delicate capture, given the high aperture of the N900 at that time (f/2.8).

Twilight in Saudi Arabia, by Suraj Kamble – I don’t need to go in detail to explain why this is such a wonderful photo. Such a common event – the sun does go down every day – but the elements surrounding it call for one’s attention. The colours are strong, the vignetting is abused, but still doesn’t break the picture, and the wide-angle of the N900 is just showing itself off.

Stay…, by ouq77 – This exposure would fit well in the “colours” category, but it has as much to do with nature. The principal reason “Stay…” was chosen is its composition – simple, yet excellent. Depending on one’s perspectives, they can bring the sense of holidays spent away from cities, where nature is at its full might, and the houses are innocent and simple. …

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[27 Sep 2010 | | ]
Nokia N900 Photo Competition – Prizes to be Won!

As promised in our Facebook fan page, today we will start a new photo competition, limited to Nokia N900 owners only – the winner takes home a mobile phone tripod, which will help you improve your photography.
The main objective of this contest is to award the best picture captured with the N900. You can only use the N900 to take the picture, no other camera, although you may make use of additional accessories such as telescopes or tripods. Instead of the default camera app, feel free to use FCam or any other software, and you may apply light alterations with PhotoShop or other graphic-editing software.

If you just upload every single one of your pictures, you can get disqualified. We want QUALITY pictures only
All images must be uploaded STRICTLY to Flickr. If you don’t have an account, create one. This is to ensure that your images can be viewed at high resolution – if you’ve reduced their resolution already, don’t worry.
Categories (make sure you assign your picture only one category):


The uploaded image(s) can then easily be posted at our forum – if you don’t post it to our forum, your picture won’t take part in the contest. We could create a Flickr group, but like this it’s easier.
If you are familiar with Flickr, skip to step 7.
The screenshots below show you how to participate properly – yes, they’re for beginners, but the needed links are in these instructions. Click on the images to make them bigger.
1. Create a Flickr account. You’ll need a Yahoo account, as Yahoo owns Flickr.

2. Once you are at the homepage, click on the “upload” button, as visible in the screenshot below.

3. Once at the upload page, choose your photos. You can bring more than one to the contest. Remember NOT to upload all your pictures, ONLY upload the best ones you’ve captured.

4. Once the pictures are chosen, upload!

5. When the pictures are uploaded, click on the arrow next to “You” and then on “Photostream”.

6. On the photostream page, click on the picture(s) you’ve just uploaded. We’re almost there!

7. Now it’s a matter of getting the …

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[27 Sep 2010 | | ]
Deal of the week: N900 Rubber Case at Discount!

It took long for us to organise this, but it’s finally here! Our blog has managed to get a Nokia N900 rubber case at a special price, only for you.

We’ve spoken about this accessory before, it is essential for those who believe the N900 must be protected well. It’s definitely not a cheap phone, it contains fragile parts, and the warranty by your network or Nokia itself doesn’t cover everything.
Besides, the rubber pouch gives you a choice besides the black colour of the phone – if you want black, we’ve got cases in the colour – there’s white, red, blue, pink, and of course, black. There’s also a bundle with three colours, so that your phone never gets boring.
The price has gone down from EUR4.49 to EUR3.49, and the discount is only valid for one week – starting today.
Now, the important stuff: we ship our products for free to anywhere in the world, thanks to a special agreement with courier companies. If you live in anywhere else but Europe, you can use our conversion tool by clicking on “View other currencies” on the product page, just below the price.
For any other doubts, feel free to contact us.

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[14 Sep 2010 | | ]
Zagg Sparq for Nokia N900

Let’s face it, your world runs on batteries. It’s batteries that keep you on time and up to date with everything that is important to you. So why should your world be limited to the capacity of one tiny little battery on your Nokia n900?

Introducing the ZAGGsparq 2.0. Scientifically engineered to keep your world revolving when you need it most. Packed away in its ultra portable design lies the world’s most powerful portable charger of its type. 6,000 mAh of Lithium Polymer power on tap to keep you talking, texting, and taping your feet to the beat wherever you may go. Smart and beautiful, the ZAGGsparq 2.0 will charge two devices simultaneously, even while charging itself.
Once your gadgets are charged and ready, just slip this sleek little beauty inside your bag/pocket/purse and you are ready to face the world on your schedule, not your batteries’. Charge your world with the ZAGGsparq 2.0. Get your ZAGG sparq today and never go without a fully charged device.

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[26 Jul 2010 | | ]
Contest! Win a Solar Charger for your Nokia N900!

We heard from all Nokia N900 users from our Facebook fan page, and it’s decided, we are making a contest in which the winner will take a N900 solar charger with 1000mAh capacity, valued at EUR19.90.
What’s required from you? You need to show us that you deserve this solar charger more than anyone else, that you are the very best Nokia N900 owner.

The challenge is quite straight-forward, but may not be that easy. Whoever posts more at our Nokia N900 forum takes the prize.
There are rules and regulations: your posts must be related to the N900 or Maemo; no spamming; no plagiarism.
We also have some suggestions for you: visit the Maemo downloads page where you will find hundreds of apps and games. You could write about these, reviewing them, criticizing them – most importantly, we want you to contribute to our forum.

The contest lasts three weeks, starting today. After three weeks, this page will tell us who has the highest number of posts at the forum. We will then contact you and ship you the Nokia N900 solar charger for free.
If you have any questions, leave a comment.