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[1 Feb 2010 | | ]
Nokia N900 vs. Google Nexus One

Recently it has hit the markets the new Google phone which it has been talking about it since long before it’s released. After quite some time, the Google Phone Nexus One was released on January 5th 2010. As it is a direct competitor of the Nokia N900, we decided to make a comparison between this two.
As my others comparisons were, I’m going to follow the same rules. I’m not going to talk about each specification of these phones, only the differences and the important ones in my opinion.
Dimensions & Weigh – Both presents pretty much the same dimensions with the slightly difference of the deepness as the Nokia N900 presents a physic QWERTY keyboard. However, the N900 is almost 1cm less tall than the Nexus one. The Nexus One dimensions are 119 x 59.8 x 11.5 mm while the N900’s one are 110.9 x 59.8 x 18 mm leading to an important difference if you plan to carry the phone on your pocket and be extreme comfortable with it. Again a little weight difference its expected due to the keyboard, as the N900 weighs 181g and the Nexus One 130g
Display – Both presents the 800×480 pixels resolution. However, the Nokia N900 does it on a 3.5” inches TFT resistive touch screen display while the Nexus One on a 3.7” inches AMOLED capacitive touch screen display. The Nexus One particularity is that it comes with Trackball navigation. Proximity sensor for auto turn-off and Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate are included in both devices.
Memory – As in other comparisons, the N900 presents the one of the best storage capacities on the market as it has a 32 GB internal storage capable of 48 GB with a 16 GB microSD and 256 MB RAM. While the Nexus One has only 512 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM and It’s capable of storage up o 32 GB with a microSD although a 4 GB microSD is included.
Network & Data – Almost no differences between these two devices, as both comes with GPRS Class 32, HSUPA- 2Mbps, WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g, Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP and microUSB …

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[26 Jan 2010 | | ]
AZ Theme Review for Nokia N900 – The first paid theme for N900!

Our folks of MMMOOO keep on working very hard. After the amazing Color City Theme and the coming soon game Magic Check, they have come through a new theme. Today we got what they have called the AZ Theme and their description is: “Classical & brush style A to Z matrix chart with dedicated vivid green, make your N900 just standout in all of other models.”
This Nokia N900 theme has a very nice combination of colors all framed within the green range and the green really looks harmonic along with the black N900 body. The AZ theme is already available and you could download it from here. It’s priced at USD 3.99 only and you are able to pay through PayPal.
[Source: Nokia Blog Portugal]

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[26 Jan 2010 | | ]
Color City Theme by MMMOOO is ready and it’s Free!

A few posts back, the news about the new Color City Theme for the Nokia N900 by MMMOOO was promising. Back then, this theme was under development although we show you up some screenshots in order you to see the good work that the guys of MMMOOO were doing. We told you it would cost 4,99$ or a similar price, but the folks from MMMOOO told they would price it at 1,99$. Yesterday we were informed that the theme is already on the store and it is for Free, as Owen, PR from MMMOOO told us: “We make the Color City theme free now because of Haiti, hope more people could enjoy our themes and be happy.”
Now the Color City theme is ready! As it makes you remember a city with tall buildings and at the same time tetris because of the little squares falling down with different colors, it’s a very recommendable theme. In addition, it’s not just wallpaper. You can download it here and you get it for FREE!

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[26 Jan 2010 | | ]
Wallpaper pack for Nokia N900

If you are looking to tune in your gorgeous brand new Nokia N900, we decided to give you some help with it. In order to step up your phone more than it already is, we bring to you a Wallpaper pack for Nokia N900. And it isn’t an ordinary pack, it’s a pack that contains over 150 different wallpapers ready to install on your Nokia N900.

You can download it by clicking on the link below and the best part of it iss that you get it for free! It has more than 150 wallpapers.
Download the Nokia N900 wallpaper pack here via RapidShare..

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[23 Jan 2010 | | ]
Office Viewer for Nokia N900

A few days ago, it has been released an alpha version of Office Viewer for Nokia N900 called Koffice. This application would complement the mobile functionalities of the Nokia N900 as it gives to the users to carry with them any Office document such as text, spreadsheet or presentation.
The Koffice is basically an application to view word processing documents, spreadsheets and presentation as it supports text files, spreadsheets and presentation in OpenDocument format (ODF) and Microsoft Office formats.  The most important features are the option to open more than one file at once (multiple documents), open the office documents from emails and search, copy and paste in office files from the N900´s documents.
“This shows both how portable and lean on resources KOffice is” says Inge Wallin, the marketing coordinator of Koffice as it points out an important feature that this application brings to the Nokia N900, the possibility to use the device to give presentation. Further, the Koffice is a great complement to work along the web program Google Docs in my opinion (while waiting for an office editor).
Apart from this application new, there is another important process. As some of you might know, Nokia has been working with Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework for developers to encourage them as it gives everything needed to create web-enabled desktop, mobile and embedded applications (For more information, please click here). So, the Maemo OS is in the process of moving to Qt meaning that the come up of the Office viewer marks the begin of Qt based applications in the future.
The application requires the last firmware update (PR1.1) and you can install it as it available on the Maemo repositories. For further installations details, please click here. Don’t forget that it’s an alpha version.

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[21 Jan 2010 | | ]
Firefox web browser for Nokia N900 becomes RC1!

Mozilla continues to develop its main product to offer a good browser for mobile phones: Fennec, the mobile version of Firefox, has reached Release Candidate status. Meaning that the first official stable version of the browser only needs to pass the final test of the developers. Back in November, we write a post about it (Firefox Fennec for Nokia N900) as it was a beta version still.
Fennec RC1 has the same engine as Firefox 3.6 and it also includes the so called Awesome Bar (a bar that displays suggestions as you type a web address), besides the possibility to sync with Mozilla Weave service and ability to navigate given the user location.
As Fennec is currently designed for phones based on Maemo system like the two models from Nokia (the N900 and N810), it exist the possibility to test this version of Firefox on our own computers, thanks to a prepared release that developers have offered for any operating system in the case that someone wants to start developing plug-ins for the Fennec browser. I only recommend it for those who are really interested in develop plug-ins.
Summarizing, in order to star testing and using this interesting web browser into your Nokia N900, please click here and it would lead you to the Fennec web page and its installation instructions.

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[19 Jan 2010 | | ]
Wi-Fi hotspot with the N900 and JoikuSpot (Coming soon)

Many times we have pointed out the Nokia’s N900 capacity to have the full internet right at the palm of your hand and the amazing experience that this gorgeous device provides. However, it seems that there would be a new application coming soon that would take advantage of it and would take it to the limit.
The application is called JoikuSpot and is already known for other devices such as Nokia’s Symbian devices. Its particularity is that it turns the Nokia N900 into a Wi-Fi hotspot making it possible for other devices such as laptops to connect to the Nokia N900 over Wi-Fi in order to connect to Internet through the Nokia’s N900 3G connections. So with this application you not only have full internet on your Nokia N900, but also you could share it with other devices. Pretty cool isn’t it?
While is already possible to use the Nokia N900 or any mobile phone with internet connection as a cellular modem only for a single device through a USB or Bluetooth connection between devices, JoikuSpot makes the difference as it able this option for more than one device at the time. However, it’s important to consider that using JoikuSpot would use much more battery than using the USB or Bluetooth option.
The news published on the Joikusoft Facebook page was: “For those lucky ones already having Nokia N900 we have very good news. JoikuSpot for Maemo OS will be published soon. The new version will include improved UI showing the actual throughput speed plus much more. Stay tuned.”

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[18 Jan 2010 | | ]
Better improvements on the new firmware update 2.2009.51.1!

After having received a firmware update weeks ago (read about it on our related post by clicking here) which it only fixed bugs problem, the Nokia N900 have finally received a new firmware update with major improvements. Under the code name 2.2009.51.1 or as we head up PR1.1, the update brings wide range of improvements as new features, bug fixes too and optimizes functionality and stability of the phone across many applications.
As it’s described on the Nokia Conversations Blog: “First up is support for the Swiss keymat variant with hardware and virtual keyboard layouts supporting the combination of German, Italian and English characters. We’ll also see full compatibility with certain SIM cards from network operator 3. Although only a small number of SIM cards were impacted at the time, this release means the N900 is now fully compatible with 3 SIM cards.”
In addition, Mail for Exchange and Ovi Maps also sees an update. The first one by allowing it to work with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 giving the possibility of Exchange integration to a much broader group of users. And second one by improvement made to search performance and route calculation.
Among these major changes and much smaller usability improvements, there is a new hidden featured and it has been the most required one. As you might imagine, this new firmware update able the portrait mode! Pressing the key combination Ctrl + Shift + O activates the accelerometer giving the possibility to the device to distinguish between horizontal and vertical. However, it seems that it only works on the web browser and the virtual keyboard doesn’t show on vertical format. Here is a video about it!
For much more details about the improvements and advantages of this new firmware update, please click here.
As the earlier update (1.2009.44.1) main aim was to prepare the device’s application manager for over the air updates, any user who have installed it would received a notification about a new firmware update available. The update it also available through the Nokia Software Updater, if over the air is not an option for you and you would update from …

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[17 Jan 2010 | | ]
Ovi Store for Nokia N900!

If you have installed the new firmware update for Nokia N900, you have probably notice the new OVI Store Icon as we write about it on the early post although it was still useless. However, last Monday the story has changed and the OVI Store has opened for Nokia N900 and now presents Maemo platform support.
As the Ovi Store for this device is under Beta Version, the application catalog is only available via the Nokia’s N900 web browser. If you have one in your hands, you could access to it by going to store.ovi.mobi on the device’s web browser. Considering that it’s has been only less than a week that the Ovi Store has been able, the application offer isn’t wide at all. However, as the time goes by it would grow enough to complement the Nokia N900 capabilities making it more competitive in the market.
Hopefully, the fact that the Ovi Store has opened pushes the device to the market even more as it makes it easier for the customers to tune up their devices and take advantage of the amazing capabilities that the N900 presents. Either way, helps the developers to put their application closer to the probable consumer.

SOURCE: Maemo Freak

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[13 Jan 2010 | | ]
New Firmware update v 1.2009.44.1!

As it has been expected, the new firmware update for the Nokia N900 is ready. Under the version code 1.2009.44.1, this new firmware update fixes a numbers of bugs that have been reported for the users and developers at Maemo.org, including just a bit more stability to the Maemo 5 OS.
Apart from the bug fixing, the Nokia Conversations Blog pointed out ““This software update prepares the Nokia N900 for opening the Ovi Store – watch out for a separate announcement for the store opening shortly.”
The firmware update file weighs around 18.5 MB and it’s already available through Over The Air (OTA) or through the Nokia Software Update via a desktop or laptop computer. A back up is recommended as installing it through the Nokia Software Update might erase all the data (mainly settings,apps).

Apparently as the upgrades are not too many and they aren’t the ones that everybody expected, this is a minor update in preparation to a future major update coming soon. Let’s expect this to be true!

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[10 Jan 2010 | | ]
Nokia N900 vs. Nokia E72

Continuing with the Nokia N900 comparisons, today it’s against a family member, the Nokia E72. However it’s a business device, it presents pretty much the same characteristic as the Nokia N900 with slightly differences like full QWERTY keyboard although the N900 ones’ is slide-out. As usual I’m not going to talk about every spec from both phones, what I would do is to point out the differences and the some other important thins related to them.

Display & Dimension – As being a touch phone, the N900 screen it’s bigger and better as it’s 3.5 inch with 800×480 pixels resolution while the E72 is 2.36 inch with 320×240 pixels resolutions. Both are TFT 16M colors. Their sizes it’s almost the same as the E72 measures are 114 x 58 x 10 mm, 65 cc and the N900 measures are 110.9 x 59.8 x 18 mm, 113 cc although the N900 weights a just a little more (181 g against the 128g of the E72).
Memory – As the E72 is consider a business phone this is its’ weak point, coming along with only 250 MB internal memory capable of up to 16GB with a microSD card as the N900 has 32 GB internal memory capable of up to 48 GB with a 16GB microSD card.
Data & Connectivity – Both come along with Wi-Fi, 3G, GPRS and EDGE capabilities: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g (the E72 adds Nokia VoIP 3.0), 3G – HSDPA, 10.2 Mbps; HSUPA 2 Mbps, EDGE – Class 32, 296 kbps and GPRS – Class 32, 100 kbps. As the E72 lacks of infrared port, its’ Bluetooth version is 2.0 with A2PD while the N900 Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP.
Camera – The E72 camera has been updated from a 3.2 MP (Nokia E71) to a 5 MP camera, 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, and LED flash capable of a video recording VGA@15fps. There is a slightly difference because the N900 camera resolutions is 2576×1936 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, DUAL Led flash and video light as it records video on a WVGA resolution (848 x 480)@25fps. The differences are minimal.
Hardware & OS & Features – …

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[9 Jan 2010 | | ]
Nokia N900 vs. Sony Ericsson Satio

As the Nokia N900 has been released, I thought that it was a good idea to compare it against the possible competitors. The Sony Ericsson Satio is one of those and although it has similar features, there are important differences on some of them. As usual I’m not going to talk about every spec from both phones, what I would do is to point out the differences and the some other important thins related to them.

Dimensions & Display – The sizes are pretty similar although the N900 is a little bit bigger probable because of the QWERTY keyboard as well as being the heaviest. However, there is an important difference in the touch screen as the Satio screen is 360×640 pixels and the N900 is 800×400 pixels. Both screens are 16M colors and 3.5 inch.
Memory – Despite of being a top of the range phone, the Satio only has 128MB internal memory with the possibility of taking it up to 32 GB with a microSD card. Instead, the N900 has 32GB internal memory with the possibility of taking it up to 48 GB with a 16 microSD card.
Data & Connectivity– Both have Wi-Fi as well as 3G, GPRS and EDGE although the Satio GPRS and EDGE is Class 10 and the N900 is Class 32. While the 3G connectivity on the N900 is HSDPA, 10Mbps; HSUPA, 2Mbps and the Satio is HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps; HSUPA, 3.6 Mbps. Both have Bluetooth with a little difference that the Satio has v2.0 with A2DP and the N900 v2.1 with A2DP too. The last important difference is the lack of an infrared port on the Satio.
Camera – The Satio strength point of the Satio, introducing the most powerful camera on the mobile phones market with 12.1 MP resolution, 4000 x 3000 pixels, autofocus, xenon flash, video LED flash as well as Touch focus, geo-tagging, face and smile detection. Where the N900 has a 5MP, 2576×1936 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Dual LED flash, video light as well as geo-tagging. However on the video category, the N900 is better as it records a WVGA …

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[3 Jan 2010 | | ]
FM Radio player app has a new update!

We haven’t talked about the FM Radio Player application for the Nokia N900 available on the Maemo web page yet. As the Nokia N900 has a built-in FM receiver on its’ hardware, the device doesn’t have a Nokia software application complementing this feature. The lack of this complement, give the idea to Martin Grimme who developed the FM Radio Player Application. So by connecting the headphones, you are really connecting the antenna as the headphone cable work as it.
Lately, Martin Grimme promised a new update for the application and its’ finally released. Apart from some bug problem fixed, the new update come with a nicer icon. If you already have the FM Radio Player application installed, it should be a little orange exclamation icon blinking above the Nokia N900 battery icon. By clicking on it, it will start downloading instantly. If you don’t have the application installed on your Nokia N900, you could look it up on the Application Manager or downloading on the Maemo web page by clicking here.

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[2 Jan 2010 | | ]
PR1.1 the new firmware update for the Nokia N900

As we already known, Nokia is preparing a new firmware update for the Nokia N900. The release date is still a mystery although the firmware update is called Fremantle PR1.1 by Nokia as it’s a maintenance update according to the Maemo community mailing list.
The news is that Nokia has selected a few contributors in order to join them on the testing experience as these have been received the invitation by mail. However the testers haven’t signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), Nokia encouraged them not to give details about the unreleased firmware update to the public.
The tester job it’s to report bug problems of these new firmware update. However, it already exist a way to report bug problems of the currently firmware by doing it at bugs.maemo.org. So if you have found a few, you are welcome to report it as they could be fixed for the next firmware update.
It seems that the most required feature by the users as the web browsing in portrait view isn’t available on the update according to the source. Apart from that, it seems that these new firmware update makes the Nokia N900 feels snappier.
In addition, Quim Gil from Maemo devices said about the release date: “It will go out when it´s ready”. So try to have your eye wide open for the release of these new firmware update.

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[31 Dec 2009 | | ]
Emulator: Playing playstation with the Nokia N900 – BlueMaemo

I’m sure that most of us don’t have any doubt at this time about the power of the Nokia N900. Today, this idea gets even stronger. You’ll get blue with BlueMaemo.
Apparently, a developer called Valério Domingos worked through to get the Nokia N900 to work as a Play Station 3 controller. As impressive that this news may seem, it’s very cool but I don’t know about how useful really is. For those readers who would like to share the experience after trying this, their comment would be welcomed. Apart from that it seems to work really well, it is much like an emulator.
The trick here is an application called BlueMaemo. Its’ developers define it as: “BlueMaemo is a remote controller program for the Maemo-powered devices. With BlueMaemo you can turn your Maemo-powered device in a mixed Bluetooth keyboard-and-mouse device through the HID Bluetooth profile.” So is a Bluetooth emulator that allows the device to imitate other Bluetooth devices such as keyboards, mice, and gaming controllers as well. If you check out the video below, you would see how easy is to set it up. After turning on the N900’s Bluetooth and the BlueMaemo app, you have to look for an option on the PS3 menu that allows you to manage Bluetooth devices. Then you start scanning for the Bluetooth device (the N900) and when the PS3 find it, you entry the access code on the TV screen on the N900 and it’s done! You select that you want to use the controller on the N900 and it would look like this:

So enjoy your new exotic PS3 controller.
In order to download the application, you could go to the download maemo page by clicking here.
For more information about the BlueMaemo app, you could go to the developers page by clicking here.