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[8 Oct 2011 | | ]
‘Meet the editor’ – sounds scarry

Hello boys and girls! I think it’s time to finally reveal a piece of me, the guy who wrote quite a bunch of articles here. Let’s start with the very beginning…
Birth date, noone cares about birth date in nowdays age of broadband connections and anonymous access to global community, but I don’t mind. So my date is 1985-02-18. And yes, I’m like 26 at the moment.
Why this blog? If you like my posting you should be thankful to my friend, Dawid (it’s not a typo, it’s polish equivalent of David). He’s also pretty much involved but I was carrying a bit more free time to share in my ‘backpack of life’ so I was sharing my thoughts with you.
Why am I so involved… long story short is placed on my own blog, where I’ll try to explain what am I doing right now and what exactly is my background in many software-development subareas. For starters just have a look at:

my blog in general

a bit of ‘about me’

Anthing else you want to know, why am I so zealously devoted to N900 and Linux-based stuff? Anything out of my interests? Anything at all? Well… place it in a comment, I’ll try to answer but I won’t guarantee anything


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[7 Apr 2011 | | ]
Meet the Editor (Pang Zi Yang)

Pang Zi Yang
Age : 19 years
Location : Malaysia
Hi readers, hope you guys enjoy my recent posts on tutorial, guides and tweaks. I hope to bring more meaningful updates and reviews in my upcoming posts. I will tend to post on how to work things on the N900 using a Mac rather than Windows cause I am a Mac and Linux user.
Tell me what you’d like to have here written about on this website. Tell me and Maciej your story with the Nokia N900. Simply give us your feedback because after all we are a huge community: We hope to reach 100.000 facebook fans in the next few months and to celebrate that mark we will hold for sure many constests just for you.
In the meantime…I’d like to ask you something: It’s rumored that we will have a Nokia N950 (and not Nokia N9…probably)…would you buy it? If yes, why? Which features you’d like to have there?
As a final note, let me introduce you PhoneRPT online magazine. It’s a must follow and is written in several languages – It was this magazine that made this blog possible.

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[4 Feb 2011 | | ]
Qt Certification in practice – my experience

Today I’ve became certified Qt developer (so today I’ll spend some time for self-promotion), my experience is now confirmed by propper authorities, so I can go back to coding for Nokia N900 and maybe other Nokia phones or even desktop computers (okay okay, and blogging sometimes ).
You may ask how does it look and what is needed to pass Qt Essentials exam. I was pretty stressed for some time, since it was part of my work plan, so I needed to pass at first attempt. I’m working in MeeGo Touch Framework for over a year now and I have some previous experience in Qt, these facts were my strong points. But on the other hand, while working on specific project you never use every single part of such complex framework as Qt, it touches actually every part of possible application functionality.
So what’s the secret recipe for passing the exam?
First of all taking Qt tainings from Nokia, free material available covers really huge part of Qt and it’s vital to at least know what the trainings cover. It’s good to take the training from someone who knows what to focus on, even when having all of the documents or presentations someone more experienced can show you what is important and how to organise your knowledge.
On the other hand it’s nice to have some real experience. To be honest practical part of what I know, the things that I’ve already done and I’m still doing using Qt, all of this became more understandable to me. Some of coding practices are not nameless habits anymore, I can say that now I know what I’m doing
Summarizing, to take the exam and pass succesfully I’d advise taking some training and courses, reading a lot and having some practical experience. It helps a lot, it helped me.

Maciej Jablonski, certified Qt developer

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[1 Dec 2010 | | ]
One year with N900 – what I’ve been using the most

Recently I’ve realised that I have my Nokia N900 for over a year now. It’s good time to summarize which applications, themes, plugins, widgets and accesories I’ve used the most. Of course you can have a look at whole blog, but this will be faster
First of all I’ve enabled extras-testing and extras-devel catalogues. There I’ve found some useful things and from the very beginning I’m using CPU/memory load widget, personal dataplan monitor and Desktop Inbox Widget. Over time more customization came with quick-launch and LED Pattern, i still have few shortcuts in status menu and personalized LED blinking for every event (for example SMS arrives with 2 blinks of orange light – similar to yellow envelope icon for Conversations, e-mail arrives with blue and white blinks – just like in e-mail icon). My boot screen remains changed, I don’t have annoying ‘Nokia hands’ anymore and using tools from the same category (currently it’s Theme Customizer) I always have homescreen icons aligned to grid of some kind. Most of this tools you can find in my ‘Do it your way with N900′ series.
Applications I use the most… well, this is a bit harder. For sure Phone, Conversations, Calendar and e-mail, this is what I use every day and I’ve noticed that N900 has marvellous support for Microsoft Exchange, the best I’ve seen in Linux (not counting virtual box with windows on board ). Apart from that it’s MaePad, my very first application I’ve been reviewing for this blog. Every day I’m also using standard Media Player with Last.fm scrobbler, about 80% of music on my profiles comes from my N900. When I’m going for further trip I tend to catch up with favourite shows using KMplayer with all of additional codecs support, works like a charm. And finally theme I use right now is Black Plastic, a bit modified with Theme Customizer, with my own wallpaper.
For accesories I use, it’s not surprising that I use few things from our store, like almost every part of N900 safety bundle. I find this stuff reliable, most has free shipping and I’m …

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[16 Dec 2009 | | ]
Portuguese People: Get Nokia N900 cheaper

The Nokia N900 has been released in Portugal and is available for purchase on the Nokia Portugal website, it comes unlocked and everything else. If you purchase right now you will get Nokia N900 before Christmas for 599€, it’s not cheap and you could think it would be better to buy via ebay…it can…in some cases, but remember that buying via Ebay is an international purchase and the delivery can take many days and you wouldn’t get your hands on the N900 by Christmas.

Fortunately, here at Nokia N900, we have a tip for you to save 109€ on the Nokia N900 and get it new and unlocked and with everything you would have right if buying on the Nokia Official Store website. If you live in Portugal, or even Spain (all you need to know is to speak Portuguese), you can get the Nokia N900 much more cheaper via Proposta Genuína, a website that I found and where I purchased my new Nokia E52 (priced at 309€ at the Nokia Store and where I purchased by 230€ in Proposta Genuína). Simply check the differences and have in mind that I am a happy buyer from this store and that this store is referenced by Pixmania. Indeed you can get the Nokia N900 at a very good price.
Well, this is just my opinion. My name is Muhammad, and I am portuguese, I collaborate with Matias to bring you you daily news, tips, application packs and games for the Nokia N900 everyday and just thought this tip would be good for all of you as the Nokia N900 was released yesterday in Portugal. Here on this PDF you can have a look at the Nokia N900 technical specifications.
The cheapest price here in Europe that I found is this, 490€, and you? Tell us where you got the N900, how you got it and how much you paid. Any of you bought via Ebay? Who intends to buy?
We are also working on to get a contest here on the N900 website to give-away a newly Nokia N900.

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[10 Sep 2009 | | ]
Meet the Editor

Vishaakh Bhalla
Email- vishaakh@gmail.com
Age- 22 years
Location- India
Occupation- Dental Student and Nokia fanatic
Why am I doing this- Bringing you up-to-date information on the Nokia N900- because i love Nokia, the ideology behind their products and want to share my knowledge and the vast pool of research with all those interested!
For all the latest information you want on the Nokia N900, stay tuned in to this site and check it everyday for your daily dose of the N900 updates!