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[22 Dec 2009 | | ]
Nokia N900 available in Spain

If you looked up for the Nokia N900 in Spain, the oficial Nokia Spain web page offered you the phone but what you where actually doing was to pre-ordering it. However, the button’s word has changed from “pre-ordered” to “Buy”.
An incredible news for our Spanish readers and as this situations has repeated (first appearing in the UK, and now in Spain) I recommend you to the readers living in Europe to check your Nokia’s country page in order to check if the Nokia N900 is available too in your countries.
Coming back to the news, the Nokia N900 in Spain includes a hands-free headset BH-212 and an extra battery DC-11. This last accessory gives you the possibility of taking with you up to one full charge. In addition, it also gives you the option of charging two devices but not a full charge. You could buy it for EUR€ 599 and there are two shipping option’s. One tittles as “normal shipping” meaning that the device should arrive on December 21st and then is the “express shipping” which is free of charge and the arriving date should be before December 24th.
Source: Globedia

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[2 Dec 2009 | | ]
N900 defectives

It seems that people who already received their gorgeous Nokia N900 are not as lucky as we thought on the first place. Some buyers which preordered the Nokia N900 and their order have not canceled, received the phone as promised. However a surprise was waiting on the phone for them and not a nice one. They notice that their new Nokia N900 are defective because they could not use the microphone in any application which it demands it.
So there isn’t an operating system problem because there are others Nokia N900 which it works correctly. Here is a customer experience:
“Hey everyone,
Was very excited to get a N900 yesterday but right out of the box I noticed that I have no mic audio. I know the odds of this being a hardware issue are pretty good since I hadn’t mucked with anything but wanted to see if anyone had any ideas.
On-board mic audio does not work for any application. (Phone, video, voice recorder) I can use the included headset and the phone switches to the headset profile works like a champ. When I say the mic doesn’t work I mean there is NO audio present what-so-ever. (No hum, noise or anything. Total silence.)
Fired up alsamixer to take a peek and I do not seem to have a capture device? Insert the headset and then PGA switches to capture and goes to 40.
Any ideas? Also any advice on who I should contact first? Nokia or Amazon. If it turns out to be truly broken I’m sure it’s going to be a long wait for a replacement. So much for getting it early.

As soon as I have some news about this problem, how to proceed, where to make the complain, etc. I will update this post.

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[29 Nov 2009 | | ]
Delay on the Nokia N900 in the UK

Nokia has had to delay the launch of its new fancy Nokia N900 in the UK. Why is that? This time is because of the huge demand for the mobile phone, and the amount of pre-orders Nokia has received. It seems that the Nokia N900 it´s really wanted by our folks in the UK.
The Nokia N900 was due to go on sale in the UK last week, but now it looks like it won’t be available until the 4th of December, this is mainly to the fact that the demand for the handset has surprised Nokia and it has overpass their supplies.
Working on a strict first-come-first-served basis, Nokia have said that the N900 will be available in the UK from the 4th of December, giving priority to customers who have pre-ordered the Nokia N900.
Finally, the Nokia N900 will be available from Nokia’s online store as well as a range of Nokia stores in the UK for £499 without a contract.

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[5 Nov 2009 | | ]
Nokia N900 to be released in EE.UU and UK!

It seems that the released date was never to come, but finally it looks like we are now on the final stage of this story.
Based on NewEgg web page, the gorgeous Nokia N900 will be released on the November 14th (less than ten days from today!) in EE.UU. For $559.99 you can get it (unlocked) when the original price was $649.00 meaning you are saving $89.01. And Free Shipping. Let’s hope this is true.
Our UK friends will have to wait 2 days more than our American friends, because the released day for them would be November 16th. But they have quite an interesting advantage. They can get it for free! How is that? Depending on the plan you can get the Nokia N900 for free with a 2 years contract agreement a £35 monthly plan from Orange (includes 900 minutes). Or if you want to pay for this beautiful phone you can get it for £10 with a £30 monthly plan and 2 years contract with O2.
After Nokia has postponed the released date from October to November, I think Nokia won´t change the date again, because this decision of changing the date make some people (Nokia loyal customers’) start to get angry with Nokia. So another change would increase this number of people, taking down the image of the company, something that no company wants. So let´s hope for the best!

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[26 Sep 2009 | | ]
Price first dropping on and now disappearing on N900 at Amazon!

I know that´s not hot news that the price on the N900 had dropped on because this happened a few days ago. Probably the most of you (readers) have read about this notice that Amazon dropped on the price from U$S649 to some price near U$S583, about a 10% of discount. But what it really is hot news is that Amazon decided to remove the price of the pre order and even the pre order it-self. In state of the preorder, you would find a short text like this:
Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available
So right next to this, there is a box like this:

When you click on the box, you would be asked your email or your Amazon account, to end in a box like this:

Why this radical change? Some says that this might means that there was a delay in shipping, other prefers to belive that  too many people put in pre-orders and Amazon doesn’t have the supply ready to meed demand. All possible scenarios ready to be confirm in a few days when the N900 finally would be on sale on this country. Nothing Official!
Meanwhile the price at Nokia´s official shop online web is a expensive U$S649.
But wait a minute! What is happening on the old continent? If you check Nokia official shop online web you would find quite a particular 599 Euros (Spain) or 649 Euros (France) but in some countries are included a Bluetooth headset like in Spain, interesting.

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[10 Sep 2009 | | ]

The highly awaited Nokia N900 is now available for preorder in Germany at a price tag of 599 Euro.. Are you gonna book it?

If you are in Germany and want to book your own N900.. see the link below

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[10 Sep 2009 | | ]

The highly awaited Nokia N900 is now available for preorder in the UK at a price tag of 499 GBP.. Are you gonna book it?

If you are in UK, book your nokia N900 here..

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[10 Sep 2009 | | ]

The highly awaited Nokia N900 is now available for preorder in Italy at a price tag of 599 Euro.. Are you gonna book it?

If you are in Italy book your Nokia N900 here..

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[8 Sep 2009 | | ]
nokia n900 now available for pre-order in the USA

The Nokia n900 is now available for pre-order in the USA for approximately USD50 more than its symbian sibling the Nokia N97.