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[14 Aug 2011 | | ]
N9 Australian release date?

So I’ve just had a delightful trip into Nokia Care, where I’m told most people don’t like much.  I do wonder why, and upon noticing that the ‘please don’t abuse our staff’ signs are no longer up from last visit, perhaps things are becoming more fun?
Anyway, during my visit I was served by a fella who was also interested in the N9, and planned on getting one as soon as it was released.  What I learned from my visit, is that according to order records, the store will be receiving a whole bunch of NFC ready accessories around mid September.  This is one such link to inevitable release of the N9, having NFC itself, but isn’t anything solid.  It’s not unheard of for companies to release accessories well before the release of the device in which they are made, look at AMD for instance.  The good part is that after a bit more of a chat, I was able to find something far more promising.

After some innocent questions, I eventually stumbled upon the answer.  The Nokia N9 will be released in Australia on the 15th of September, according to internal files.
Now, that’s not helpful information for the rest of the world, but it is a start.  Once it comes to us people in the land of the future, it shouldn’t take too long to spread to everyone else.  I am still surprised that Australia isn’t getting the N9 six months later then the rest of the world like usual, but I’m not complaining.  Now to start counting down the days.

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[18 Jan 2010 | | ]
Better improvements on the new firmware update 2.2009.51.1!

After having received a firmware update weeks ago (read about it on our related post by clicking here) which it only fixed bugs problem, the Nokia N900 have finally received a new firmware update with major improvements. Under the code name 2.2009.51.1 or as we head up PR1.1, the update brings wide range of improvements as new features, bug fixes too and optimizes functionality and stability of the phone across many applications.
As it’s described on the Nokia Conversations Blog: “First up is support for the Swiss keymat variant with hardware and virtual keyboard layouts supporting the combination of German, Italian and English characters. We’ll also see full compatibility with certain SIM cards from network operator 3. Although only a small number of SIM cards were impacted at the time, this release means the N900 is now fully compatible with 3 SIM cards.”
In addition, Mail for Exchange and Ovi Maps also sees an update. The first one by allowing it to work with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 giving the possibility of Exchange integration to a much broader group of users. And second one by improvement made to search performance and route calculation.
Among these major changes and much smaller usability improvements, there is a new hidden featured and it has been the most required one. As you might imagine, this new firmware update able the portrait mode! Pressing the key combination Ctrl + Shift + O activates the accelerometer giving the possibility to the device to distinguish between horizontal and vertical. However, it seems that it only works on the web browser and the virtual keyboard doesn’t show on vertical format. Here is a video about it!
For much more details about the improvements and advantages of this new firmware update, please click here.
As the earlier update (1.2009.44.1) main aim was to prepare the device’s application manager for over the air updates, any user who have installed it would received a notification about a new firmware update available. The update it also available through the Nokia Software Updater, if over the air is not an option for you and you would update from …

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[17 Jan 2010 | | ]
Ovi Store for Nokia N900!

If you have installed the new firmware update for Nokia N900, you have probably notice the new OVI Store Icon as we write about it on the early post although it was still useless. However, last Monday the story has changed and the OVI Store has opened for Nokia N900 and now presents Maemo platform support.
As the Ovi Store for this device is under Beta Version, the application catalog is only available via the Nokia’s N900 web browser. If you have one in your hands, you could access to it by going to store.ovi.mobi on the device’s web browser. Considering that it’s has been only less than a week that the Ovi Store has been able, the application offer isn’t wide at all. However, as the time goes by it would grow enough to complement the Nokia N900 capabilities making it more competitive in the market.
Hopefully, the fact that the Ovi Store has opened pushes the device to the market even more as it makes it easier for the customers to tune up their devices and take advantage of the amazing capabilities that the N900 presents. Either way, helps the developers to put their application closer to the probable consumer.

SOURCE: Maemo Freak

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[23 Dec 2009 | | ]
The Nokia N900 will be landing soon in the UK

The amazing touch screen display of 3.5-inch with a 800×480 pixels resolution, a 32GB internal memory for storage and a microSD card slot to take it up to 48GB with a 16GB microSD card, slide-out Qwerty keyboard, a 5MP camera with a 2576×1936 pixels resolution, Carl Zeiss optic, autofocus, Dual LED flash including video light, A-GPS, FM radio, web browser with full internet capabilities, Wi-Fi and 3G connection, Bluetooth, Skype and GTalk VoIP integration, multiple audio and video formats player, Maemo 5 OS, all this things are proximately to land on the old continent, more precisely on the UK thanks to the completely integrated mobile device, the Nokia N900.
It seems that there was a Christmas delay on the island for some British people and they would be receiving their presents on the first week of January 2010 when the gorgeous Nokia N900 will be hitting the UK stores. They would began the New Year with a lot of anxious and excitement because that’s the feeling this device have been transmitting to the people all over the word since it was released back on December, but then you’ll find nice Nokia N900 deals.

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[22 Dec 2009 | | ]
Nokia N900 available in Spain

If you looked up for the Nokia N900 in Spain, the oficial Nokia Spain web page offered you the phone but what you where actually doing was to pre-ordering it. However, the button’s word has changed from “pre-ordered” to “Buy”.
An incredible news for our Spanish readers and as this situations has repeated (first appearing in the UK, and now in Spain) I recommend you to the readers living in Europe to check your Nokia’s country page in order to check if the Nokia N900 is available too in your countries.
Coming back to the news, the Nokia N900 in Spain includes a hands-free headset BH-212 and an extra battery DC-11. This last accessory gives you the possibility of taking with you up to one full charge. In addition, it also gives you the option of charging two devices but not a full charge. You could buy it for EUR€ 599 and there are two shipping option’s. One tittles as “normal shipping” meaning that the device should arrive on December 21st and then is the “express shipping” which is free of charge and the arriving date should be before December 24th.
Source: Globedia

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[18 Dec 2009 | | ]
Vodafone UK brings soon the Nokia N900

After a few weeks from the official release of the Nokia N900, it was only available through pre-order or may be through a online shop where you get it unlocked. And this would be the outlook until January 2010. Because Vodafone announced they are bringing the Nokia N900 in the UK at some time next month.
If you go the Vodafone’s online shop, you would see that Vodafone’s coming soon label (in order to see you with your own eyes, click here). However, it seems that they are not going to have competition at the beginning from the other UK carriers. O2 replied that they are not bringing it yet and Orange and T-Mobile haven’t said anything about it.
So UK guys, start saving and I hope that you understand how lucky you are.

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[7 Dec 2009 | | ]
Nokia N900 to be released in South Africa!

While the actual scene of the Nokia N900 on the Europe and USA markets is limited due to the partial release of the phone, only available through the pre-order kind of sale, Nokia South Africa has announced today that they would release the Nokia N900.
Back in mid November Nokia revealed that they wouldn’t release the Nokia N900 on the South Africa Market. This was established by Nokia the same day that they announced the release of the Nokia N97 mini and he Nokia Booklet. But today we received the good news! the South Africa Communications Managers Tanja Steenkamp explained that back on those days the strategy was to release the Nokia N900 in select markets only. However, a “solid business case” convinced head executives at Nokia to ship the device to South Africa.
There isn’t an exact release day yet because it has just started the first approaches between Nokia, the major network provider and communication authority in order to approve the Nokia N900 for retail locally. The estimated date which the Nokia N900 is expected to be available would be sometime around the second quarter of 2010.
Steenkamp also added that the price hasn’t been set yet but you got to know that the global price is around €500 (R5,500) without sales tax or surcharges. For more information you would have to wait a few more months, more precisely on February.

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[29 Nov 2009 | | ]
Delay on the Nokia N900 in the UK

Nokia has had to delay the launch of its new fancy Nokia N900 in the UK. Why is that? This time is because of the huge demand for the mobile phone, and the amount of pre-orders Nokia has received. It seems that the Nokia N900 it´s really wanted by our folks in the UK.
The Nokia N900 was due to go on sale in the UK last week, but now it looks like it won’t be available until the 4th of December, this is mainly to the fact that the demand for the handset has surprised Nokia and it has overpass their supplies.
Working on a strict first-come-first-served basis, Nokia have said that the N900 will be available in the UK from the 4th of December, giving priority to customers who have pre-ordered the Nokia N900.
Finally, the Nokia N900 will be available from Nokia’s online store as well as a range of Nokia stores in the UK for £499 without a contract.

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[11 Nov 2009 | | ]
Starts the countdown of the Nokia N900!

November 14th to North American and 16th to English people it´s getting closer. Those are the released dates which we have announced that the Nokia N900 would available. To commit that target Nokia started shipping today from the fabric the Nokia’s N900! (In Europe, Middle East, Russia and North America). This means that the people on these regions would have to possibility of getting a Nokia N900 in just a few days from today.
This information comes to us when Nokia’s CEO Olli-Pekka Kalasvuo said in a speech today that the company has started the deliveries. So for some of the readers that have asked me if the 14th and 16th dates where the dates when Nokia started shipping the N900 or it really was the day that you would be able to get your Nokia N900, this post has the answer.

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[5 Nov 2009 | | ]
Nokia N900 to be released in EE.UU and UK!

It seems that the released date was never to come, but finally it looks like we are now on the final stage of this story.
Based on NewEgg web page, the gorgeous Nokia N900 will be released on the November 14th (less than ten days from today!) in EE.UU. For $559.99 you can get it (unlocked) when the original price was $649.00 meaning you are saving $89.01. And Free Shipping. Let’s hope this is true.
Our UK friends will have to wait 2 days more than our American friends, because the released day for them would be November 16th. But they have quite an interesting advantage. They can get it for free! How is that? Depending on the plan you can get the Nokia N900 for free with a 2 years contract agreement a £35 monthly plan from Orange (includes 900 minutes). Or if you want to pay for this beautiful phone you can get it for £10 with a £30 monthly plan and 2 years contract with O2.
After Nokia has postponed the released date from October to November, I think Nokia won´t change the date again, because this decision of changing the date make some people (Nokia loyal customers’) start to get angry with Nokia. So another change would increase this number of people, taking down the image of the company, something that no company wants. So let´s hope for the best!

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[31 Oct 2009 | | ]
Nokia N900 delayed again!

Bad news! (Or not, it depends on the looking glass) We have to wait for the Nokia N900 a little more. How much? It´s said until November, so that would be next week. Nothing to worry about. But on Play.com says that the phone is expected to be arriving on some day around the 20 of November, no more than 3 weeks from now.
Pete Schneider, Nokia’s Head of Maemo Marketing, has since said: “We expect it to start shipping during November 2009.”. And why is this? We got nothing official from Nokia, but mobile industry watcher Caroline Gabriel says that Nokia is using the time to get more feedback from independent Maemo software developersand to fine-tune the device’s user experience prior to delivery. It seems a good idea to me.
In my opinion is worth to wait for it if this is the reason. I prefer a good working phone rather than one with some known issues. If you are more interested on this news, I recommend reading this post (click here), it has a very complete analysis!

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[8 Oct 2009 | | ]
What do you want to see from a Nokia N900?

What do you want to see from the Nokia N900 that you haven’t seen yet? Of course there are a lot of things that we haven´t seen from this device yet. Most of the videos going around the internet show pretty much the same, simple reviews, hands-on, some app, but nothing more than that. The information you can get from the internet follows the same rule, everyone is talking about the same things, even me! So there are too many questions about the Nokia N900.After having postponed the release date three times already (1st, 12th and 30th October), there is an increasing expectation and speculation about the reason of this delay.
If you go to Nokia Conversation, they are asking what the people want to see. Some ask about the final release date, other about the battery-life (some of you readers have make it me this question, as you might see couldn´t such information), an others want to see running apps, GPS and synchronizing. In my opinion, the last two are the most important ones.
So make your suggestion. I have already made mines.

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[15 Sep 2009 | | ]
Nokia N900 coming to US retailers on September 27, 2009

Hold your breath for September 27th.The Nokia Blog mentions that Nokia has given one of its major distributors in the United States the estimated date for the Nokia N900.
Retailers receive their stock a couple of days after distributors ship them over.
The suggested retail price is $649 USD just as expected. Want to pre book your Nokia N900? (in the USA) click here.
It would be interesting to know whether people would prefer to prebook the device or compare it side by side with the Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 mini before actually purchasing the device.
For those who are not too happy with the symbian S60 v5 interface, Maemo 5 may provide a fresh breath of air.
Though the USD 50-USD 60 may prove to bend the sales in the favour of the 32GB N97. I personally in a way regret buying the N97 since the Maemo platform looks very promising and so does the new fast ARM processor thats present in the Nokia N900.
For those of you who need to replace your old phone, the N900 is the way to go if you’re ready to spend that kind of money. For the current lot of N97 owners, I would suggest you to take a demo of the N900 and only then think of changing your device. With the rising popularity of Maemo 5, who knows, Nokia might just release a firmware for the N97 which would replace Symbian S60 v5 with Maemo 5, for the Nokia N97. Now thats wishful thinking for the Nokia N97 user who aspires to own the N900 but does not want to spend that kind of money again on a similar (read sibling) device.

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[8 Sep 2009 | | ]
nokia n900 now available for pre-order in the USA

The Nokia n900 is now available for pre-order in the USA for approximately USD50 more than its symbian sibling the Nokia N97.

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[8 Sep 2009 | | ]
The Nokia N900 blog – Welcome

Welcome to the Nokia N900 blog- here you can expect your daily dose of the Nokia N900 updates and information on the launch dates and expected prices and the carriers you would see it with.. and once the phone is launched you will know about the various applications and games available for the Nokia N900.. we shall compare it with the other members of this new breed of cellphones with a new design for Nokia (Nokia N97, N97 mini and N900).. and also other high end cellphone, and how Nokia managed to morph the N800 tablet series into the cellphone with the n900, an in depth review of the Maemo platform, comparing it side by side with Aymbian and WM mobile and the functionality and firmware upgrades of the Nokia N900. So, Nokia N900 lovers and fans.. stay tuned to this site for your daily dose of your n900 updates. The Nokia N900 will be releasing all over the world at the end of this year!!