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[3 Sep 2011 | | ]
Accessories that make your N900 look cooler than others

Well as we know the N900 is pretty much a hacker’s phone I would. Well is those little little things of the N900 that makes us users looks cooler than others. Here are some of few examples.

Well this is my cable which I use to connect Pendrives and HDD hard disk to my N900 to read files from it. You can try the h-e-n application from extras-devel repo. Or install hostmode-gui from -devel, kernel-power will be installed if no other compatible kernel is present. You can buy the USB OTG Cable here.
apt-get install hostmode-gui

Yes TV out for me is cool. Why? Cause you get an oversized Maemo running on your TV. On the downside, there seems to be a lot of static around the metal casing of the screen. Those using the TV OUT cable should take note of this. By the way, this cable is included in your N900 box just so you know. If you lost yours, you can buy it here.
3.PS3 SixAxis Controller

Yes a PS3 Controller. The N900 only works with the OLD SIXAXIS which the model between the Dualshock 2 and Dualshock 3. So whoever that wants to buy for the sake of having fun with it should take note you can only use SIXAXIS and not SIXAXIS DUALSHOCK 3. For the demo and installation guide, you can always check here
This is just a simple post to give some idea to those who are not in the know what their N900 could do. Cheers!

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[3 May 2011 | | ]
Cutetube vs CuteTube-QML on Nokia N900

Well for those who have been downloading Youtube videos as past time, I’m sure you guys have come across this app in the N900 called Cutetube. It is a nice little app where you can watch and download videos from Youtube directly onto your N900. Now it has been upgraded into another app and it is called CuteTube-QML. Well here is the comparison.

The Main Page of the Cutetube.. Simple and like any other app it has the settings bar on top.

Oh wait there is an error. Yeah. The old Cutetube has an error signing into Youtube accounts even though you entered all your information correctly

The settings bar that I was talking about.
Note: I was so frustrated with the old Cutetube that I didn’t want to do any more screenshots of it. So for now, let’s go to Cutetube-QML. By the way, after installing Cutetube-QML, you would definitely want to uninstall Cutetube as Cutetube seems very well not-functioning correctly.

Well this is the new Cutetube-QML with much smoother interface and nicer design and also works very well. In fact you can sign into your Youtube account properly this time

Since I was unable to sign into Youtube using the old Cutetube therefore unfortunately I can’t show you how the My Channel part looks like. So here you are the My Channel menu for the Cutetube-QML

Here is where they list down the videos that you previously favourited under Favourites

Here is the Uploads section

Here is the search menu. One tip for you guys set the search preferences to Relevance to get the videos you want.

When downloading a video this is what you get. You have to start the download yourself. Just click on it and there is a DOWN button just click on it
So there you have it. Things have changed quite abit in here. Help and questions would not be answered in the comment box anymore. Please head over to our FORUM and start asking there. If there is no topic created for your question feel free to create one. See you there

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[21 Oct 2010 | | ]
Nokia N900 vs Samsung Focus with WP7

At the time when Nokia is trying to speed up mobile Linux development, Microsoft is trying to surprise mobile users with new Windows Phone 7. Let’s have a look on one of the first phones with WP7 – Samsung Focus, also known as Samsung i917 or Samsung Cetus.

In my opinion hardware is not amusing, standard 4-band GSM, UMTS, 3G capabilities (but surprisingly no support for HSCSD), WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (N900 doesn’t have ‘n’ WiFi, but I haven’t seen many access points working in this standard), bluetooth or GPS module is standard hardware for smartphones fro quite a while.  CPU is a bit more powerful, 1GHz Qualcomm looks better compared to TI OMAP limited to 600MHz (but we already know it can be tweaked to over 1GHz). Focus has 4” Super AMOLED screen, while N900 has 3.5” TFT, but we have one year gap, so at least smal improvement is quite understandable.  8GB of internal storage, just like in many other smartphones, looks tiny in comparison to 32GB in N900, at least it’s extendable by microSD card.
So we have few things that are better or equal, but to be honest now I can’t imagin everyday life without some features that Samsung Focus lacks. Infrared is sometimes said to be outdated feature in mobile phones, but I use it as great TV remote on N900. FM transmitter is one of the things I use quite frequently and of course front camera for Skype video calls. Apart from hardware there is also operating system difference, I have more experience with Linux and open source tools and applications and I trust this software more than black-box-closed solutions from Microsoft. Linux and subsequently also Maemo gives more flexibility and freedom.
So which is better? I think it’s personal preferences dependent, so the choice is yours. Personally I prefere my N900 over any other phone.


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[4 Oct 2010 | | ]
Nokia N900 vs the iPhone 3Gs

Good rivals, each are trying to get to the top of the market but Nokia is much ahead.
The Nokia N900’s dimensions are 110.9 x 59.8 x 18 mm, 113 cc while the iPhone’s dimensions are 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm making the iPhone the winner.
The N900 comes with a TFT resistive touchscreen while the iPhone is equipped with a TFT capacitive touchscreen so both device’s draw here but I was expecting the N900 to be the leader in this section.

The Nokia N900 screen is 800 x 480 pixels, 3.5 inches while the highly praised iPhone comes with a 320 x 480 pixels, 3.5 inches display making the N900 more suitable for small writing, speaking about small writing, the N900 comes with a QWERTY keyboard and the iPhone doesn’t.

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[1 Oct 2010 | | ]
Nokia N900 vs HTC Evo 4G

Welcome to the rival comparison of the Nokia N900 vs HTC Evo 4G! A lot have been disappointed by the Evo because it isn’t compatible with any GSM network so they think that the Evo isn’t worth buying/having but I am here to tell you that despite of that not working with GSM networks, the features make it up for it. Enjoy reading!
The rival was released in June while the Nokia N900 was released in November last year.
The Nokia N900 holds a TFT resistive touchscreen while the rival holds a TFT capacitive touchscreen, the N900 does have similarities to the capacitive. Although the Nokia N900 features Maemo 5 and the HTC comes with Android OS, v2.1 (Eclair), some say that the HTC’s software is better than the N900 Maemo, I doubt that statement.
The Nokia N900 is slightly beaten with the display with 4.3 inches to 3.5 inches. Gaming with both of the handsets won’t be the problem but unfortunately not all games will work with each other. As the previously mentioned, both devices feature completely different software.

A proximity sensor for auto turn-off, accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate and a full QWERTY keyboard are present on the Nokia N900 while the HTC lacks a QWERTY keyboard but is substituted for a multi-touch input method and a HTC Sense UI. I don’t know exactly how the HTC sense UI works but it is told by a few that it is just an user interface.
Both of the devices come with a 3.5 mm audio jack.

The Nokia N900 comes with 32GB memory while the HTC comes with 512 MB RAM and a 1 GB ROM but a 8GB MicroSD card should be included. Multi tasking on the HTC will require a bit more
A camera of 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus and a dual-LED flash beats 5 MP, 2576×1936 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Dual LED flash and a video light which the Nokia N900 features but a Carl Zeiss optic is a must for users that love photography.
The HTC has a digital compass, a HDMI port, a dedicated search key, Google Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Google Talk, Picasa integration, a MP4/H.263/H.264/WMV9 player, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter applications and Voice memo, the …

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[19 Sep 2010 | | ]
Nokia N900 vs HTC Wildfire

Nokia N900 and HTC Wildfire are trying to achieve the best results but Nokia’s are still the best in my opinion. The HTC Wildfire was released in May while the Nokia N900 was released in November last year.
In the size department, the Nokia N900 is beating the HTC’s dimensions with 110.9 x 59.8 x 18 mm, 113 cc while the Wildfire has 106.8 x 60.4 x 12 mm. The HTC comes with a TFT capacitive touchscreen while the N900 comes with something similar to it but it is a TFT resistive touchscreen. In the other hand, The Nokia N900 has a much larger display with 800 x 480 pixels, 3.5 inches and the Wildfire losing with 240 x 320 pixels, 3.2 inches.

As usual, both the devices have a 3.5 mm audio jack. I think a new audio jack must be made, maybe a 5.5 or a 6.6 because some of the customers get bored of the usual things. The Nokia N900 comes with a substantial amount of memory of 32GB and the HTC Wildfire comes with 384 MB RAM and  512 MB ROM. The Nokia N900 has 5 MP, 2576×1936 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Dual LED flash and a video light which some of the features are lacking on the HTC Wildfire.

Looking at the HTC, it comes with the same old boring Android OS, v2.1 (Eclair) software platform while the Nokia N900 comes with a Debian-Linux based software platform called the Maemo 5. But the Nokia N900 comes with Skype and GoogleTalk VoIP integration, many multimedia features, TV-out, PDF document viewer, Photo editor and a Adobe Flash Player 9.4 which enables the device to access basically any site. The HTC comes with a Digital compass. Dedicated search key, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter integration, Google Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Google Talk, Picasa integration, many multimedia functions and a Voice memo.

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[12 Sep 2010 | | ]
Nokia N900 vs Samsung Epic 4G

The Samsung Epic 4G will unfortunately not work with a GSM connection worldwide but the Nokia N900 will so in this case, the N900 is already the winner.
Both devices have been already released.
The Samsung comes with a new technology called 4G which is in fact faster and better than 3G which is present on the Nokia N900.
The Nokia N900’s dimensions are beaten by little with 124 x 65 x 14 mm and the Samsung Epic having 110.9 x 59.8 x 18 mm, 113 cc.
The Samsung has a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors which is again beating the N900 that has a TFT resistive touchscreen, 65K colors, some of my friends say that the Samsung has a better chance of gaming and videos.
The displays are the same size with 480 x 800 pixels on both devices.
Both, the Nokia N900 and the Samsung Epic 4G, have a QWERTY keyboard.
The devices that I have encountered till date have a 3.5 mm audio jack and so do these 2 devices.
I don’t know how much memory is present on the Epic but I know that the N900 has 32GB internal memory.
The initial Epic’s camera has 5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash while the Nokia N900 beats it with 5 MP, 2576×1936 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Dual LED flash and a video light.
The Nokia N900 is loaded with Nokia’s Maemo software while the Epic comes with the regular Android OS, v2.1 (Eclair).

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[11 Sep 2010 | | ]
Nokia N900 vs Samsung Vibrant

The Samsung Vibrant was announced in June and released in August, this year while the Nokia N900 was announced in August and released in November last year.
In terms of size, the Vibrant is beating the N900‘s dimensions with 122.4 x 64.5 x 9.9 mm and the Nokia N900 losing out with 110.9 x 59.8 x 18 mm, 113 cc.
The Samsung has a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors while the Nokia N900 comes with a TFT resistive touchscreen, 65K colors which makes the Samsung, the more preferred one to choose.
Both of the devices have the same sized touchscreen of 800 x 480 pixels, 3.5 inches.
As usual, these 2 devices also have a 3.5 mm audio jack.

The Samsung Vibrant comes with 16GB storage, 512 MB RAM as well as the Nokia N900 comes with 16GB storage but if you add a 32GB MicroSD, then both of the devices will have 48GB storage which is quiet a lot for one phone.
The Vibrant lacks a Carl Zeiss optic which makes the Nokia N900 more suitable for images.
The Nokia N900 Maemo software is based on Debian-Linux which makes the Android OS, v2.1 (Eclair) the unfavored one, the Android OS, v2.1 (Eclair) is also present on the Motorola Charm.
The battery time for the Vibrant is up to 432 h while the Nokia N900 is 278 h (2G) and 250 h (3G).

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[8 Sep 2010 | | ]
Nokia N900 vs Motorola Charm

The Nokia N900 was released in November last year while the Motorola Charm was released in August but also released the same month which shows that Nokia is falling behind. The Charm comes with a TFT capacitive touchscreen with the size of  320 x 240 pixels, 2.8 inches and the Nokia N900 also comes with with a TFT but a size of 800 x 480 pixels, 3.5 inches considering the size, the Nokia N900 wins this round.
The Nokia N900 comes with a QWERTY keyboard as well as the Motorola Charm.As usual, both the devices have a 3.5 mm audio jack. The Charm comes with 512 MB internal memory but the Nokia N900 comes with 32GB internal memory. The rival comes with Android OS, v2.1 (Eclair) which is not as good as the Maemo 5. The Nokia N900 is great to capture images with 5 MP, 2576×1936 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Dual LED flash, video light, the Charm is far behind with 3.15 MP, 2048×1536 pixels.
The Nokia N900 comes with 278 h (2G) and 250 h (3G) while the Motorola Charm comes with 267 h (2G) and 334 h (3G) which is a really big issue for me but I don’t know for others.

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[7 Sep 2010 | | ]
Nokia N900 vs BlackBerry Storm 2

The Nokia N900 is a new type of smartphone that has a software based on Debian-Linux.
When you look at these 2 phones you might say that they look the same but unfortunately  you’re very wrong and here we’re going to see the differences. If you don’t keep these 2 phones in both hands, you may not notice that the BlackBerry Storm2 comes with a 3.25 inch and a 360×480 display while Nokia N900 comes with a display of 3.5 with a resolution of 800×480 which makes the Nokia N900 very good with the 3D games beating the Storm.

Nokia N900 comes with a full QWERTY keyboard like the N97 while the BlackBerry Storm lacks it. I must say that if I have to choose one design that I like mostly, I love the Nokia N900.
The biggest difference between these two devices is the internal memory. You probably already know that BlackBerry Storm has an internal memory of just 1GB and a MicroSD slot where you can add 32GB of memory while the Nokia N900 has an amazing internal memory of 32 GB but also having a MicroSD slot.

Both phones come with a GPS receiver but Nokia N900 has WiFi capabilities while the BlackBerry Storm doesn’t have this.
If you like to take photos with your phone, then must know that the BlackBerry Storm2 has a 3.2 MP camera while Nokia N900 comes with a 5.0 MP camera. Use +1up for the countdown sequence.
The Nokia N900 comes with a lot of pre-installed software and the best of them is Firefox 3.
You’ve probably noticed that Nokia has lowered the Nokia N900 price from $489 to $100 less but still come the delivery charges and it includes vat.

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[6 Sep 2010 | | ]
Nokia N900 vs BlackBerry Torch

The Blackberry Torch 9800 was rumored to be the BlackBerry Slider. The Blackberry was announced earlier this August and supposedly to be launched the same month while the Nokia N900 was announced on August but being released in November(last year).

The dimensions of the Blackberry are 111 x 62 x 14.6 mm and of the N900 are 110.9 x 59.8 x 18 mm, 113 cc. The rival actually does have quite of a weight difference, the N900 weighing 181g and its Blackberry weighing 165g. The Nokia N900 has a TFT resistive touchscreen, 65K colors, the Blackberry also has a QWERTY keyboard. The N900 doesn’t have a scratch resistant gorilla glass display but even than if you hit it really hit it hard it can break. The Blackberry does have our regular 3.5 mm audio jack as well as the N900.

The rival has 4 GB storage, 512 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM which is quite a bit for this type of smartphone while the N900 beats it with 4x more storage of 32 GB storage. The Blackberry does come wit a 4GB Microsd card. The Blackberry does come with a good quality camera of 5 MP, 2592-1944 pixels, autofocus and LED flash rather than a Xenon flash which the N900 is equipped with. The camera is way better than the Torch with 5 MP, Carl Zeiss optics and autofocus as well a video light. The Blackberry is the first device ever in history that has BlackBerry OS 6.0 but I still think that Maemo is better.
The Blackberry only comes with Social feeds, BlackBerry maps, Document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF) as well as an organizer and a voice dial/memo. The Blackberry Torch‘s battery time is up to 432 h (2G) and up to 336 h (3G) while the N900 is behind with 278 h (2G) and 250 h (3G)

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[5 Sep 2010 | | ]
Nokia N900 vs Samsung Wave

Both are good devices but are also rivals. The N900 was released in November last year while the Samsung Wave was released in April, this year.

The N900 is really big with 110.9 x 59.8 x 18 mm, 113 cc dimensions while the Samsung comes with 118 x 56 x 10.9 mm. The N900 is most definitely the brick here. The Samsung Wave comes with something new called Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors which normally is used in the Nokia’s but the rival comes with a regular TFT resistive touchscreen, 65K colors,. The Nokia N900 comes with Proximity sensor for auto turn-off, Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate and a full QWERTY keyboard which the Wave lacks but in return comes with much more Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate, Multi-touch input method, Proximity sensor for auto turn-off, Scratch-resistant surface, TouchWiz UI 3.0, Handwriting recognition and a Smart unlock. The Samsung Wave comes with 1.5 GB system storage but the N900 comes with 32GB internal memory beating the Wave by far.
Both camera’s are good with the Nokia N900 having the advantage of Carl Zeiss optics beats the Wave. The Nokia N900 comes with Maemo 5 which makes It very good for the Linux user as it is Debian-Linux based but the Wave comes with Bada OS which is not so bad after all.
The Samsung S8500 is beating the Nokia N900 with 600 h (2G) and 550 h (3G), the Nokia N900 has 278 h (2G) and 250 h (3G).

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[2 Sep 2010 | | ]
Nokia N900 vs Motorola Droid X

Both are rivals and both yet are just wining each other by 1 or 2. They are called the Nokia N900 and Motorola Droid X.
Both devices are giants but yet very good.
The Nokia N900 comes with Maemo 5 which is very good considering the responses about it much looking at the Android 2.0 OS responses, the Nokia N900 is better. If you want to see which one is the best than you have to look at the responses about it.

The Nokia N900 looks very good with its clean lines and classy finish. It measures 110.9 X 59.8 mm in its face and is 18 mm thicknesses which that makes it a good reason to call it a brick phone. The weight of 181 g feels like a big block of solidness.
The Motorola Droid X measures 115.8 mm in length and 60 mm in width which makes it look bigger than the Nokia N900 but it is a lot slimmer than N900 at 13.7 mm. The weight of 165g is also lighter than the N900. The device has a smooth look and a feel.
If you want memory than the Nokia N900 is the better choice as it already comes with 32GB internal memory plus the advantage of adding 32GB to it making it a total of 64GB memory for the user while the Motorola Droid comes with a 256mb internal memory with a possibility of just adding a 32GB MicroSD card.
Have a look at some of the dimensions I have listed and that the Nokia N900 is the official winner : Apple iPhone 3GS: 165 PPI, Nokia N97: 210 PPI, HTC HD2: 217 PPI, Motorola Droid: 265 PPI and the Nokia N900: 267 PPI <– WINS !
Some users haven’t noticed the amazing capabilities of the Nokia N900, it comes with full internet meaning the capability of opening any web page because of the Flash Player 9.4 (Flash Player 10 in the future) while the Motorola Droid doesn’t have it. Adobe did announce that would have the Flash Player 10 for this phone.

Google Navigation is about some interesting and complementary GPS features that helps a lot when it’s about going to some …

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[30 May 2010 | | ]
Browser comparison and Browser Switchboard

During last few days I was taking closer look to web browsers available on Maemo 5. This time I will give you something that we can rely more than just personal opinion, a benchmark! After you already know what it can do and if it is really good from analytical point of view you can choose one as default for your N900.
I used Browser Benchmark from Rightware, which is designed to check weather mobile browser is fast enough, with commercial version for use of browser developers, nevertheless it measures mostly the browser engine. So here are the results (more is better) and my overall score after what I’ve seen and how it really works for me:
Fennec (Firefox Mobile) – benchmark: 14726, my score: 7/10

Benchmark score for Fennec is pretty promising, nevertheless it’s measuring only the engine and cannot say much about operatibility of user interface. In my opinion it’s going in good way, just needs small improvement in speed.
Opera Mobile – benchmark: 12290, my score: 8/10
Great speed and nice browsing experience going with nice benchmark score. Opera Mobile is really good solution for people who just want to browse pages and read the contents. They shouldn’t be bothered by Opera website’s style overriding to fit the text on the screen.
Midori – benchmark: 10927, my score: 6/10

Another nice score from benchmark and nice features like keyboard shortcuts, still some work to be done to work nice and smoothly on touchscreen device and operate properly using kinetic scrolling.
MicroB (Maemo Browser) – benchmark: 9646, my score: 8/10

Default browser and it appears to be one of the best (at least in my opinion). This is the browser for which most of add-ons will go to when you install them from App manager. This is what you get by default and at the time is one of the best.
Chromium – benchmark: failed, my score: 4/10
Unfortunately  Chromium haven’t finished the benchmark tests, no matter what I’ve tried to do (cleaning cache, rebooting etc.), so I cannot say what would be the result if it would. I think there is a lot to do with this port …

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[27 Apr 2010 | | ]
Nokia N900 vs. Nokia N8

Recently there are so many news and gossips regarding new mobile devices that I’m lost sometimes. This time leaked information described new Nokia N8 and it was shortly followed by official announcement. If you want to know full story have a look at PhoneReport but now let’s see how does it compare to N900.
The Nokia N8 Camera
First of all Nokia reveals N8 as superior multimedia device with full variety of cver colors, 12 megapixel camera with high definition video recording capability. In comparison with N900’s 5 megapixel it’s quite big leap, but I’m really satisfied even with that. In my opinion (as photography is one of my hobbies) I think that putting such high-resolution sensor inside such small device doesn’t make big sense, but that’s another story, twelve is bigger number than five, that for sure.
Common Features between the Nokia N900 and Nokia N8
We have some features in common like FM transmitter, 3.5mm audio jack, most of connectivity like Bluetooth 2.1, microUSB port, only WiFi is improved to be usable with 802.11 n standard, while N900 uses only 802.11 b/g. Multimedia capabilities are nicely improved to be mostly HD compatible, including video playback via HDMI connector.
What’s really revolutionary from my point of view is Qt support on N8. Along with the fact that N900 already has this feature and Qt is pretty straightforward framework it seems that software developers will have easier work when this will become standard in all Nokia mobiles. Still I don’t feel very comfortable hearing that N8 still has Symbian on board (highly improved by completely new interface with multitouch which N900 doesn’t have at the moment) and maybe I’m stubborn, zealous Linux freak, but I prefer to have full control in Maemo ;).
I cannot tell how it will influence current Nokia position on mobile market, reading opinions on specifications gives the idea that people are rather dissapointed. Nevertheless N8 seems like a big step ahead in multimedia area. And me… Let me play with N900 a bit more

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