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[6 Jun 2011 | | ]
Nokia N900 Wallpaper Pack

Hello folks. Our Nokia N900 community is growing and we have almost 100.000 facebook fans. That’s a lot and was not on our expectations when we started running this fantastic Nokia N900 blog. Thanks to Pang, advanced stuff on the Nokia N900 is being posted but on this post I’d like just to pass you a little gift from the web for the beginners: a Nokia N900 wallpaper pack, so that you can have many wallpapers from where to select and download.
The file we are posting has only 26mb so it’s a fast download from Rapidshare. There are some individual wallpapers for the N900 but also some 4-wallpaper files so that you can put it on all homescreens equal.
The Nokia N900 is made for programmers or for advanced users but you can also have some fun with it with no knowledge on programming. Anyway we won’t see another Nokia N900 coming into scene, so it will be this one that we have to work with and it’s already an excellent device.
Please, enjoy our community, our Facebook page, our Twitter, our N900 Forum and N900 Store. It’s all yours! Download your Nokia N900 wallpaper pack from rapidshare here.

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[12 Nov 2010 | | ]
N900 Live and Flash wallpapers

Quite some time ago I was reviewing Live Wallpaper for Nokia N900, I wasn’t amused by this interface modification, it was buggy and not my style. But it moved forward quite a lot and allows to do few new, nice things.
At first glance Live Wallpaper welcomes you with Matrix-like falling letters on you first homescreen. But the most important thing hides in settings panel, where you can set different live wallpapers for every homescreen. The choice is quite wide, including standard wallpapers like matrix  falling letters or few city views or even X screensavers (if you install additional package Xscreensavers for Livewallpaper), well known from desktop computers and even this is not the best thing!
When you choose Flash from LiveWallpaper category you can set your own flash animation as homescreen wallpaper. Visit flash wallpapers talk.maemo.org thread and check available examples. I’ve tried with the first one, Warld of Warcraft wallpaper. Is just as simple as: download the .swf file, upload it to any directory on your N900, go to settings panel and in Live Wallapaper settings use LiveWallpaper category and Flash theme, when you can set the path to your custom flash animation. And voila, you have your own, animated desktop!
This small modification looks really fancy, but every superhero knows that great power comes with great responsibility. It’s constantly played flash animation, so you can expect a bit more CPU usage than without it, it’s up to you.


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[9 Aug 2010 | | ]
Wallpapers for you – LotR and Inglorious Basterds

Some of you ask for specific wallpapers on our Nokia N900 forum wallpapers section. Some of you tend to ask on our Facebook news feed. Well, I’m not an artist, but I can use my skills to at least try to fullfill your needs. Here’s small example of what I can do.
Lord of the Rings
Request for this wallpaper, or more specifically for ‘Return of the King‘, appeared on our forum from elessar32. I’m more in book than the movie, but I can improvise something. In my opinion such wallpaper should look ‘meedieval’ and dark, I hope you aggree that it’s epic story with dark background, so I’ve made something like this:
Inglorious Basterds
Request was posted in our Facebook feed and to be honest I don’t look there often so if you have some ideas, please post them as comments, will be surely more visible for me. Nevertheless I’ve seen the movie, I liked it, but had no idea what wallpaper should look like, so I’ve googled a bit. I’ve found some pictures over the net and compiled them into something simple, but containing some relevant details, just have a look:
Images above should be available to be set as ‘Image set’ wallpaper if you just upload to your N900 wallpaper directory and wait a moment to let them be indexed. If you want something else, or you don’t like my idea feel free to comment, maybe I’ll try to improve my work next time and make something more suitable for your needs.

Win Solar Charger by posting on our Nokia N900 forum

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[6 Jun 2010 | | ]
My loopable wallpapers for N900 (tips and hints)

After some time spend on N900 customization I’ve developed few ways of creating loopable wallpapers from materials I can find over the net. Let’s see what you can do to make your favourite thing visible on your N900 homescreen.
Method 1 – Similar images with similar background
First of all you can obviously mix few wallpapers to act as 4 parts of one big, loopable image. To do this you need to look for wallpapers with the same (or at least similar) background on left and right edge. If background is similar, you can put images together on big (3200×480 pixels) image and cut to smaller images. Example here shows 4 images from Bleach anime series, as you can see background on side edges is always black (I find it the easiest to use black). It’s just the matter of placing images on every 4 of homescreens (order is up to you).
Method 2 – Placing small items on prepared background
You can see my second example, 4 screens, each with different item, but you can also use family pictures (more than one per screen), symbols, place them on any loopable background (or single colour background) and upload to your N900. For me it was just the matter of placing 4 images from Fallout game series.
Method 3 – Long items
There is possibility to cut long item into 4 parts and make it appear as it is one on your wallpapers. You can use picture of your favourite snake, mage’s staff from fantasy series, favourite knight’s sword like Excalibur, long-barelled rifle or anything long enough to fit 4 desktops of N900. Because I like eastern culture I’ve taken katana sword and as you see background in both ends is the same colour so even switching between last and first part is quite smooth.
If you have any questions, suggestions, need for detailed tutorial to do something similar, feel free to ask, I’ll try to cover all of the questions.

Trademarks mentioned in this article (Bleach and Fallout) are properties of their respective owners.
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Please visit Nokia N900 …

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[19 Apr 2010 | | ]
Do it your way with N900 – Live Wallpaper and profiles

As some of you may remember I wrote once that customization and personalization of my N900 is a kind of neverending story and I admit I still work on it to achieve perfection some day. On my quest I’ve found some things you may try and maybe some of them will become part of your favourite set.
This time let’s have a look on homescreen, or to be more accurate on wallpaper. If you have a feeling your wallpaper is static and boring you can try Live Wallpaper. After you install it your first homescreen will change to living picture of city with moving busses, changing sun position depending on time, just watch demo video. To be honest I haven’t found any additional configuration for this eye candy, so it doesn’t make good piece of software for me, but it’s only my opinion. Try it, you may be happy with that.
The second thing I can propose today is ProfilesX Extended Profiles Manager. It will install additional section in settings screen and will allow you to add new ringtones profiles and change between default two and additionally created profiles using statusbar menu (opened by tapping on clock/battery level area). This will allow you to add new profiles with completely new settings, so you can adjust it for every situation – silent profile for meetings, calm ringtone for day off, loud when you’re travelling or shopping and whatever you can think of.
This doesn’t make the end of ‘your way’ series. I’m sure there will be more and more ways to customize N900 and I will probably try most of them and maybe you’ll find something interesting here.

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[19 Mar 2010 | | ]
Do it your way with N900 – my theme and wallpaper

If you follow the blog and all of the posts, you probably noticed that Sam mentioned some good themes and wallpapers few times. I like most of this stuff, really good looking, well balanced and readable, but I like having N900 really personal device, so I will say my piece.
First of all I pay attention to something I like to call ‘consistency’. This covers my view on balanced color space, similar graphical solutions for every part of interface, overall smoothness of theme or wallpaper. If theme uses different palette on every screen I just can’t stand it, it’s not my way. I also cannot bare some color sets, like bright orange background with lime elements on it, it just hurts my eyes ;).
On the other hand I like going back to times when most screens were monochromatic, with green backlight and visible scanlines. In addition I’m big fan of Fallout games, where this type of display was widely used in interface. Since I have no time for making full theme I decided to choose one of available and make good wallpaper for it.
At first I’ve tried to find theme that suites my scenario, this step is pretty hard because it’s trial-and-error process. First choice was Melody theme (see Sam’s article), after some time I’ve found Matrix theme, which was a bit more fitting, lime and black theme. In the mean time I’ve found pipboy theme (Fallout fans should know what is it about) but it wasn’t very good choice, orange background and green and grey UI elements doesn’t fit my needs, I like App manager icons though.
Second thing is background, simple, minimalistic and mine, see the screenshots. I’ve putted some simple pictures, converted to monochromatic and added scanlines. And poof – my theme/wallpaper set is ready! Maybe you have some ideas of personalization combinations? Share it on Nokia N900 Forum.

Fallout is registered trademark of Bethesda Softworks.
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[13 Mar 2010 | | ]
Top 3 Nokia N900 themes

Themes, what about themes on the N900. As there are not so many themes available, my top 3 are relatively easy to list. For the N900 being such a short time on the market and no easy theme creator tool available yet (please read my post about the thememaker), it will take a while before there will be a considerable quantity of themes to choose.
A theme not only contains wallpapers as background, but also all the buttons, icons, layouts, etc. can be modified to a new theme. It needs really creatives to do some work, time, and enthusiasm, because the fewest will share their creations for free. That’s okay for me, my opinion about is anyway that such work should be paid. Maybe someone is going to create a own N900 theme website, where you can purchase themes in the future, and designers can sell them on this platform. Maybe I should start this one . I know that Ovi Store is naturally one sharing place, and the Maemo platform too, but concentrated to one site, it could be much more efficient.

For myself and my number one, I am using the original Nokia theme from the phone, with an own background, I created. The second one I like very much is the marina theme, which you can find in the Maemo download section. It is kind of sophisticated, stylish and smooth.

At last on my list is the green melody theme. This is also a nice one mainly the green color I like a lot.

What are your favorites?
– sam | visit our Nokia N900 forum –

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[26 Jan 2010 | | ]
Wallpaper pack for Nokia N900

If you are looking to tune in your gorgeous brand new Nokia N900, we decided to give you some help with it. In order to step up your phone more than it already is, we bring to you a Wallpaper pack for Nokia N900. And it isn’t an ordinary pack, it’s a pack that contains over 150 different wallpapers ready to install on your Nokia N900.

You can download it by clicking on the link below and the best part of it iss that you get it for free! It has more than 150 wallpapers.
Download the Nokia N900 wallpaper pack here via RapidShare..

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[17 Jan 2010 | | ]
Ovi Store for Nokia N900!

If you have installed the new firmware update for Nokia N900, you have probably notice the new OVI Store Icon as we write about it on the early post although it was still useless. However, last Monday the story has changed and the OVI Store has opened for Nokia N900 and now presents Maemo platform support.
As the Ovi Store for this device is under Beta Version, the application catalog is only available via the Nokia’s N900 web browser. If you have one in your hands, you could access to it by going to store.ovi.mobi on the device’s web browser. Considering that it’s has been only less than a week that the Ovi Store has been able, the application offer isn’t wide at all. However, as the time goes by it would grow enough to complement the Nokia N900 capabilities making it more competitive in the market.
Hopefully, the fact that the Ovi Store has opened pushes the device to the market even more as it makes it easier for the customers to tune up their devices and take advantage of the amazing capabilities that the N900 presents. Either way, helps the developers to put their application closer to the probable consumer.

SOURCE: Maemo Freak

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[27 Dec 2009 | | ]
Nokia N900 Wallpapers – Size

Many websites are distributing free Wallpapers for Nokia N900, which is pretty cool indeed, because you have  resolved the task of resizing the image so that it can fit on the screen of your N900, but imagine you want that specific Ferrari wallpaper you found on the internet, but it is not in the size you need and any of the Websites that allow you to download that wallpaper for the N900 have it available. Then…you need to resize your wallpaper.

VSO Image Resizer is the perfect toll to resize all your images. To resize a wallpaper to fit on the N900, you need to make it at 800×480 pixels. Then your job is done, add it to your gallery and make it as the wallpaper.

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[15 Dec 2009 | | ]
Improvements for the N900

As it happens with everything, you can’t expect to don’t finding something missing or something to improve it. For some people may seem perfect and complete just as it is and some people may need more from it. These are the reasons why the Nokia N900 can’t escape from this situation. Despite of being one of the most complete and integrated mobile phones on the market on the hardware looking glass, it seems that it is needed an software adjustment. Thankfully, these improvements can be made by writing a few code words for the developers and through a firmware update everything could be fixed.
1.Potrait Mode. The most required feature at this time due to its dimension, the landscape mode isn’t the most comfortable sometimes although there are some apps like gPodder and some phone features where this mode is available. It´s likely that this feature comes on the next firmware update some time near Christmas.
2.OVI Sync support. As Nokia is giving importance to the OVI and the OVI Cloud, being able to sync your contacts, appointments, meetings and notes it’s important. When changing the phone from a Nokia to another Nokia, by just connecting your phone to the computer and downloading everything from OVI makes the transmission quiet a lot easy. But for Nokia N900 new owners it’s that way yet. Let´s give it some time.
3.Music Player Equalizer. The N900 has a great finger-friendly and beautiful Music Player, but strangely missing is one of the most basic features: the Equalizer.
4.OVI Store for Maemo. Probably the one that I consider a mistake committed by Nokia because every new phone has to be accompanied with apps, themes, etc. in order to make possible the personalization and taking the most advantage of the phone, even more on the Nokia N900 due to its amazing features. If you go to the OVI store, it shows that it’s “coming soon.” However, the App manager and maemo.org page are replacing this situation satisfactory at the time.
5.Nokia Messaging support for more regions. The N900 actually supports Nokia Messaging, but not for all regions. Currently it only supports …

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[11 Nov 2009 | | ]
Lots and lots of Nokia’s N900 wallpapers!

Taking into account that the released of the expected Nokia N900 is in just a few days and from that moment and on we will start to see Nokia N900 everywhere like some kind of plague, I decided to bring to you all I could find to help you to start using and personalizing your Nokia N900. Today, wallpapers!
If you look up on the previous post, I’ve already posted about wallpapers for the Nokia N900. One post was about a wallpaper to download and another about how to make your own wallpaper. But if you are too lazy to make your own wallpaper or you simply don’t have the time to do it, here you have some sites where you only have to download it.
First, it´s a post from a blog (Dailymobile) where they have a wallpaper gallery with 150 wallpapers for the Nokia N900. Check it out by clicking here.
Secondly but not less important is this webpage which I highly recommend with one only good propose Nokia N900 wallpapers! Check it out by clicking here. It has over a thousand of wallpapers, including a wide variety and organized on more than 15 categories such as Sports, Space, People, Movies & TV, etc.

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[30 Oct 2009 | | ]
Nokia N900 Free Wallpaper

Hi folks, here it goes a free wallpaper for All N900 users. Nokia N900 has lots of great functions but we always need a nice looking wallpaper. For you, N900 owners, here is one of the coolest and one of the most simple wallpapers for the N900. In a near future we will publish a Nokia N900 wallpaper pack to download.
So, here is the wallpaper: