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[23 Jul 2012 | | ]

Want to have beautiful pictures of your family/friends/places to constantly remind you about them? Place them in a frame on your desktop? Personal Photo Frame helps you with this.

Personal Photo Frame is a widget that does what the name suggest, it holds a frame with your photos and displays them on your desktop. You can choose the size of the frame, choose between a single picture mode or a slideshow mode. The second one allows you to have a whole folder of your images in a frame, which you can scroll through (the buttons for scrolling can be removed if you so desire) and have them automatically scroll after a certain amount of time.
One thing I’ll mark as a flaw is the inability to go through an image folder recursively or display two or more folders. That is, if you have all your photos carefully sorted into directories, you’ll have only one directory to choose.
That aside, the widget is pretty neat and nice to have on your desktop. Go and fetch it from Extras, the package name is personal-photo-frame.

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