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[14 Feb 2012 | | ]
Protect your network privacy on the N900 with Tor

Whenever you’re surfing the net, you do want to be concerned about your online privacy. A lot of information can get to the wrong hands if you don’t. One of the good ways to protect your network privacy is an onion router: Tor.
Now if you don’t know what onion routing is, in short, using it will have your connections bounce through many various Tor servers before reaching their destination. Everything is encrypted, which will make tracking down your path difficult, thus keeping your identity safe. The picture below shows exactly how it works:

With Maemo being a complete GNU/Linux distribution, it shouldn’t be a surprise that you can use Tor there, very easily, and with a status applet for your convenience. If you want to use it, just fetch off a package from Extras:
sudo gainroot
apt-get install status-area-applet-tor
The package will pull down Tor as one of its dependencies, so yes, you can now use Tor to protect yourself, just open up your status area menu and you’ll see a button!

Click it, and you’ll be able to run Tor and have your network connection routed. Very easy.

When using Tor you should note two things:
1. Now your connections are bouncing through various servers, so the connection is slower than it usually is. You have to pay for your anonymity.
2. Even Tor has  it’s weaknesses, and besides that there are other ways to identify you, if somebody needs that, like flash cookies, fingerprinting, etc. so don’t rely on it strongly and don’t think you can do naughty stuff on the net without getting caught.

Have questions or suggestions? Maybe a problem? Drop us a comment or leave a post on our forum and we’ll look into it.

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[16 Jan 2012 | | ]
[How-to] Custom symbols in X Terminal

Are you in need of special symbols while in X Terminal? Don’t want to bring up the special characters menu all the time? Well, here’s an easy way to customize the special characters  line on the bottom of your X Terminal window.
Open up your XTerm and use those commands to modify the characters line:
Note: Run these commands as a regular user, not root.
Modify the key labels:
gconftool-2 -s /apps/osso/xterm/key_labels -t list –list-type=string “[keylabels]”
Replace keylabels with the set of labels you want to use, separated by colons without any whitespaces. You’re free to use any text, just don’t use labels too long. The maximum safe amount of labels you can use is 7, if you use more, they will all go to a side-menu.  For example, if we are to add pipe, input and tilde symbols you can use this:  Tab,Esc,PgUp,PgDn,|,>,~
Next, set the characters that those labels will correspond to:
gconftool-2 -s /apps/osso/xterm/keys -t list –list-type=string “[character values]”
Replace character values with the corresponding values. You can look up which values respond to which characters by looking at /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/nokia_vndr/rx-51 file (do it as a regular user, so you don’t modify it by accident)
If we follow the example for pipe, input and tilde characters, we shall use these values: Tab,Escape,Page_Up,Page_Down,bar,greater,asciitilde
Restart your X Terminal, so the fullscreen button goes where it should go and enjoy!

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[23 Dec 2011 | | ]
N900 Speed Patch and Battery Patch for better performance

Besides overclocking, you can now install battery and speed patches to increase the performance on your N900. These guide will be broken down into 2 parts.
1. Speed Patch
First install it from Xterm using the following commands
sudo gainroot
apt-get install speedpatch
After installation, it might take from 2 to 4 reboots before the patch can be applied to the phone due to a bug. To check whether the speed patch has been applied, run the following command
ls  /dev/cgroup/cpu/user/
Then you should see some listing of files. Or when there is no error after installing for an instance.
If you are having the xterminal problem and it disappear after xterminal is loaded then do this to fix it
rm .cache/launch/com.nokia.xterm.pvr
If unexpected reboot occurs, the speed patch would be applied on the next proper reboot. To remove the speedpatch, just simply type this command:
apt-get purge speedpatch
2.Battery Patch
The patch works practically by going to an underclocked profile when keyboard and screen is closed. An overclocked profile is activated when screen is turned on. The patch can be temporarily disabled even with the screen off is by turning the screen off after opening the keyboard. This tip is especially useful when you are downloading some stuffs in the background and doesn’t want it to pause the process.
To install for kernel power users :
apt-get install batterypatch
To remove:
apt-get purge batterypatch
To install for non kernel power users:
apt-get install batterypatch-non-kp
To remove :
apt-get purge batterypatch-non-kp
To check whether battery patch is applied :
sudo gainroot
echo 1000 >> /proc/sys/vm/vfs_cache_pressure
Then lock the phone and unlock it then enter this command
cat /proc/sys/vm/vfs_cache_pressure
If it shows 100, then patch is applied.

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[17 Dec 2011 | | ]

For those who tried out on the “Spycam” in our previous post would realise that it is true that you can record videos with the screen turned off but now comes a problem with this hack. The red light is constantly turned on when recording. So now how do we remove the red light?
First you would need to download the attachments below according to your kernel. Only works on power-kernel v49 and the original stock firmware
For V49
For PR13
Extract adp1653-kernel-kp49.zip, copy “adp1653.ko” to /lib/modules/  or the other folder for PR1.3 which is 2.6.28-omap1
Then cd to /lib/modules/”corresponding kernel folder”  and run this command as root
stop omap3camd0
rmmod adp1653
insmod adp1653.ko
start omap3camd0
Then run this final command
echo 1 >/sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-2/2-0030/disable_indicator_led
Source : Talk.maemo

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[16 Dec 2011 | | ]

Well some of you who would like to record video in secret could now resort to this method to record the video while turning the screen off so that no one could see what you are doing.
NOTE : For personal uses only. Please respect privacy of others
Reference from here : Maemo Forum (1),(2)
First you would have to download files from the attachments. (Must downloaded directly using your N900 and save to Documents)
pycam.txt , pycam.desktop.txt pycam.sh
Once downloaded and saved onto the Documents folder in your File Manager, unzip the pycam.sh.zip file. (Best unzipped using the Unzip Add on for File manager)
After that install everything using this command in the terminal after gaining root
sh /home/user/MyDocs/.documents/pycam.sh
Then you should have the PyCam icon in your list of applications.
Recording would start once the program is launched and stopped when application is exited
Recorded video would be saved in the Videos folder

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[23 Jul 2011 | | ]
Look to the future: Open Media Player

If you have been following this writer’s work, you will know that I am a fan of the open platform.  I would imagine many of you are too, running with a N900 and all.  One of the best parts of the open platform is being able to improve and innovate further on what is already in place, and that’s where Open Media Player comes onto the main stage.

Open Media Player is the child of maemo.org legend MohammadAG, who is also responsible for the Sociality Facebook app, and works with the Community Seamless Software Update.  The work came about due to the need to have open source components, and Nokia refusing to open up the code once they officially ceased Maemo support.  So here we have a work in progress, written in Qt, with the attempt to mimic the current media player, while also enhancing it.

Currently in its Alpha release, Open Media Player isn’t really ready for everyone, but it is nice to have a peek at what’s being worked on by our amazing community.  It’s interesting to note that when ready, Open Media Player may be integrated into the CSSU.
Upon giving Open Media Player a spin, I made it replace the classic media player, forcing me to sail into the unknown for a while (it can be run side by side if desired).  The experience so far is an interesting one.  The media player overall is rather useable, it runs everything fairly nicely, and it even seemed to play videos better.  When opening up my default list of ‘All Songs’, I was greeting with my whole list in its entirety in seconds, much better then the stock media player was capable of.
With every plus there must be a minus though, being still in development it’s expected.  One major issue this release is its inability to play from large playlists, and since ‘All Songs’ is one giant playlist, it struggles.  Once playing music, upon trying to render the playlist, Open Media Player tended to crash.  The other annoying issue is that it can slow the whole device down at times.  An …

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[16 Jul 2011 | | ]
Google+ on the Nokia N900

The talk of the interwebs at the moment appears to be centred on Google, and their yet another attempt at the social medium – Google+.  Luckily for Google, so far it’s generally positive, and from what I’ve experienced so far, it does indeed seem like third time’s a charm. Let’s see how it is Google+ on Nokia N900.

As stated by one of my favourite web comics, it’s Facebook, but not Facebook, which indeed is exactly what I want! Even though Google+ is still in closed beta, an app has already been written for Android, obviously being Google’s baby.   Being in closed beta though, not many people will be able to make much use of this app… yet.  Once Google+ opens up for one and all, they will be glad they got the kinks out of their app early and it’s even on its way for iOS.  But where does that leave us loyal Maemo fans?  Us fans who don’t even get a dedicated Google maps app from the mighty rulers of the internet.
Considering only recently a decent Facebook app was made (thank you Sociality), I think it may be some time, if ever an app is made for the N900.  But fear not!  If it was so easy to defeat out beloved barbecue hotplate, it wouldn’t have survived all this time.

One option is to boot NITdroid, and viola, you now have access to the app, but that kind of stunt is out of the question just to use an app right?  Well, unless your running Android on your N900 over Maemo the majority of the time, it’s not really worth it and what the heck are you doing anyway?  There is a better way!
 The simplest method once again is the best, and the infamous MicroB web browser has come to the rescue again. Just as it is my preferred medium to browse Facebook, it will become my preferred way of viewing Google+ and it does a brilliant job of it too.  It actually manages to render Google+ exactly as it does Facebook, probably even faster, but that may just be …

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[3 May 2011 | | ]
Cutetube vs CuteTube-QML on Nokia N900

Well for those who have been downloading Youtube videos as past time, I’m sure you guys have come across this app in the N900 called Cutetube. It is a nice little app where you can watch and download videos from Youtube directly onto your N900. Now it has been upgraded into another app and it is called CuteTube-QML. Well here is the comparison.

The Main Page of the Cutetube.. Simple and like any other app it has the settings bar on top.

Oh wait there is an error. Yeah. The old Cutetube has an error signing into Youtube accounts even though you entered all your information correctly

The settings bar that I was talking about.
Note: I was so frustrated with the old Cutetube that I didn’t want to do any more screenshots of it. So for now, let’s go to Cutetube-QML. By the way, after installing Cutetube-QML, you would definitely want to uninstall Cutetube as Cutetube seems very well not-functioning correctly.

Well this is the new Cutetube-QML with much smoother interface and nicer design and also works very well. In fact you can sign into your Youtube account properly this time

Since I was unable to sign into Youtube using the old Cutetube therefore unfortunately I can’t show you how the My Channel part looks like. So here you are the My Channel menu for the Cutetube-QML

Here is where they list down the videos that you previously favourited under Favourites

Here is the Uploads section

Here is the search menu. One tip for you guys set the search preferences to Relevance to get the videos you want.

When downloading a video this is what you get. You have to start the download yourself. Just click on it and there is a DOWN button just click on it
So there you have it. Things have changed quite abit in here. Help and questions would not be answered in the comment box anymore. Please head over to our FORUM and start asking there. If there is no topic created for your question feel free to create one. See you there

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[21 Apr 2011 | | ]
Review: Tweak Flash Plugin for the N900

As many has requested, Facebook videos and Facebook games on the N900. Well, Facebook games are almost impossible as many of the contents has been upgraded to version 10.1 which obviously the N900 doesn’t have it yet. The Flash version N900 support currently is 9.4. However we can still view version 9.4 contents embedded in 10.1 format using this Tweak Flash Plugin.

Above you can see a list of plugin version you can tweak to. It is something like fooling your browser that you actually have that version. REMINDER : It doesn’t give the function of the Flash Version, it bypasses it. So if the version is higher than 9.4 then no luck.
Facebook Games on Nokia N900
I have tried a few and all failed. I manage to get the loading screen to load fully but unable to start the game. I suspect the loading screen uses Flash 9.4 while the game itself uses 10.1. Below are the screenshots
Backyard Monster on Nokia N900

EA FIFA Superstars on Nokia N900

Facebook Videos on Nokia N900
Facebook videos however are watch-able with not much lag as long as you stay patient and not click too much on the browser.


So there you have it. Tweak Flash Plugin for Noki N900 can be found here. It would be a good addition to your phone.

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[26 Mar 2011 | | ]
How to overclock the Nokia N900?

Hi guys, today I’m gonna show you how to overclock your N900 to make it faster to run more applications at once without much lag. Overclocking is the process where you run your processor at a higher clock speed than the default set by the manufacturers.
Before getting started, you should have these two packages installed onto your phone
Kernel-power-flasher and Enhanced Linux kernel for power users (settings)
To install the above packages, go to X-Terminal and type the following

sudo gainroot

apt-get install  – -reinstall -y kernel-power kernel-power-flasher

After installing these 2 packages, restart your phone and go to X-Terminal and type this in sequence

sudo gainroot
uname -r

You should be prompted with a message such as this ”″
This means that you’re on the right track to overclocking your phone
Next type ” kernel-config show” and you will be prompted with something like this

So for example if you want to try the lv profile  (lower voltage than default) and also min and max frequency of 250 and 850, you type the following

kernel-config load lv
kernel-config limits 250 850

This configuration is reset to default factory settings if not saved upon reboot
If you do want to set an overclock profile to auto-load upon boot up, use the following command:

kernel-config load lv
kernel-config limits 250 850
kernel-config save myprofile
kernel-config default myprofile

Then you have just successfully overclocked your N900.
Important things to take note:
There are several profile name you can’t save as, so that you don’t replace any of the provided set of configurations given by kernel-config
These profiles are lv, ulv , xlv and ideal
And for the available frequencies available for use is listed down under “supported frequencies” when you type kernel-config show. Frequency above 1000Mhz is considered unstable.
For voltage comparison DEFAULT > LV > ULV >XLV >IDEAL
After all this I’m sure you guys can play around with different clock speed after overclocking your N900 using kernel-config. This also releases the full potential of the ARM A8 in your device

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[16 Feb 2011 | | ]
Nokia have failed but MeeGo seems to be alive

Last news from Nokia are not nice, going to Windows Phone 7 with Microsoft is obviously not good news for us, but MeeGo is wider than just Nokia, Intel and AMD (most probably filled with anger ) are still working on this platform. Since I’m sitting in the middle of this commotion I’ll give you some more news on MeeGo.
MeeGo was meant to be not only mobile phone system as its predecessor Maemo 5, but also for other mobile devices, tablets, netbooks and many more. Minding cooperation with Intel and AMD this platform should be as wide as mobile devices market. That’s why we can still hear some news about tablets with MeeGo on board. PhoneReportTV have just released video showing user interface for new tablet, just have a look.

This looks nice, content oriented device, giving user more control of the content, without need of taking care of applications looks neat and quite staightforward.


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[15 Sep 2010 | | ]
Duke 3D shareware

Not something as good as expected but it makes you think what are the controls, its called Duke 3D shareware.For people that are wondering if it shares the applications on your mobile, it unfortunately doesn’t. It’s a simple game. It doesn’t have 3D like qualities and it also isn’t 3D but I still wonder why the developers inserted the 3D in the name? A planet overtaken by aliens and it is your job to achieve the next level and defeat them all.

The start is easy and if I am not wrong then you have to exterminate to monsters using a pistol. For all that to occur than you have walk around to find the bullets(I don’t know where it is but have encountered) and shoot the fan going down finding an alien to your right which should appear before you go to it. There are two things available : a shareware version that installs the shareware game data and a CD version that comes without game data and but requires you to copy it from the original CD.
This Duke 3D includes guns so I recommend this game for download user above than the age of 13. Enjoy responsibly!

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[12 Sep 2010 | | ]
MeeGo 1.1 to land in October 2010 and 1.2 in April 2011

First Symbian was told to be coming to an end but it was not confirmed, then the Maemo software was told to become extinct and now it night be true after all.
Let me fill your diary with a few dates. Nokia World is due to take place on September 14th and 15th in London.I am sure that devices will be announced and I am hoping that the leaked N9 is one of them. If not at Nokia World then hopefully at the first ever MeeGo Conference, scheduled to take place exactly 2 months later in Dublin.
According to to the project’s official wiki page, version 1.1 of the Intel-Nokia is due to hit the web between October 21 and October 27 of this year. The next version, 1.2, is rumored to hit the market between April 21 and 27 2011 according to unnamed sources. That’s a 6 month gap.
What will be in MeeGo 1.1? And what about 1.2? No idea, but at least you’ve got a few dates to put into your calendar.

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[9 Sep 2010 | | ]
Nokia N900 vs HTC Desire

The Nokia N900 has impressed me quiet a bit, proving capable of things I’d never imagine a smartphone like a size of a brick – from running a full version of Maemo to playing amazing 3D games.
I have been wondering for a little while now whether the Nokia N900 will be able to compete with the latest rivals and devices.

Both the Nokia N900 and the HTC Desire offer superb displays. On paper, the HTC Desire offers a better screen, with capacitive and AMOLED technology, however, with the N900’s resistive screen proving bright and highly responsively.

Supporting a bigger range of hardware, the Android Market place offers a lot more applications that are compatible with the HTC Desire than the Ovi Store does for the Nokia N900 due to the fact that people found a porthole that they could retrieve applications for free. It’s closer than you’d think, however, as although there are more applications for Android, the Open Source nature of the Nokia N900’s Maemo OS makes it one of the most stable platforms I’ve seen so far, proving ideal for developers and hackers. The games for the Nokia N900 are great, the 3D enhancement was really worth it. 

The Nokia N900 is the better device when it comes to storage, thanks to a whopping 32GB of internal memory, plus the ability of adding 32GB MicroSD card making the Nokia N900 having 64GB of memory. With just 576MB of RAM, the HTC Desire falls a long way short, although it also offers a MicroSD slot for adding your own memory.

The Nokia N900 comes with a 5-Mega pixel camera, which includes Carl Zeiss optics, it is good enough for the odd holiday snap. It also stands up well in comparison to the HTC Desire’s snapper – which also features a 5-Megapixel sensor.

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[9 Apr 2010 | | ]
N900 vs. iPhone OS4

Although the iPhone OS 4 itself is not on the market yet (its release is predicted to the second half of 2010), its upcoming features can be already compared to the N900.

Steve Jobs introduced numerous improvements for the new version of the iPhone in the Apple headquarters in Cupertino on the 8th of April. But hold on: Most of them sounds very familiar to us N900 users.

The first of these new characteristics is quess what: Yes, Multitasking! Doesn´t we have this already on our N900s? And hasn´t Nokia always been one step ahead when it comes to multitasking on mobile devices? Well, I think so! Steve showed about 12 applications running at the same time. How much do you have tested running on the N900?
Skype is coming as an native app also. Another feature what is still build in from the beginning in our phones.
Background location. WOW, what does this mean? The iPhone is able to get GPS data, while listening to music or watching to a video … from where does this come from? Because of Nokias accomplishment since the old Symbian versions, maybe?
One of the new quintessence is the possibility to create folders on the iPhone. Is this something new and mind-blowing? Yes, for iPhone users of course. The Apple phone is slowly approximating a handheld computer status like the N900 was right from the start.
Another novelty presented from Apple is the Mail Box administration. Do I really have to write more about this? Conversations will be stored in so called Threads. Wondering about the similarity to the chat-like message function on our N900.
And at last really something new: iAd. The name alone should tell you all. Advertising on the phone. Yes, that´s what I really want to have, don´t you?
Don´t misunderstand me: I like the iPhone. It´s a very stylish designed smartphone just for the right audience. Amazingly with this new features it will more and more be competitive with devices like ours. Where Apple wants to go with its iPhone?
– sam | visit our Nokia N900 forum –
Edit: I forgot one: Still No Flash!