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Nothing lasts forever

1 September 2011Entry by

Although the journey we have all taken with Maemo has been an amazing one, we do have to admit to ourselves that everything with a beginning has an end; and that end may just be in sight.

I know I personally wish I could hold onto my N900 forever, even when it must be replaced I know that I will hold onto it and still use it frequently, but how long does that all really last?  Although Maemo is an open system, and a very open one at that compared to the competition, there are still closed elements to it.  These elements are controlled by Nokia, and heavily restrict what we can do to keep the longevity of our devices going.  It has been proven that Nokia do not open up these parts of the system, as they still have not done so to older versions of Maemo and care even less now then they did before.

 We could always continue on as we are now, but how long would that course really keep us happy, as we start to feel restricted in our actions, seeing everything around us evolve while our platform remains stale.  While Maemo was ahead of the crowd at its release, and still age’s well, there is only so long it can steam along on the aging hardware of the N900.  What’s more is the hardware itself isn’t built to last forever, I myself have had my handset replaced a few times already, the most one lasted for was 12 months.

But what about the community?  I have always preached about the community, and I still think it is an amazing one, but with the limitations already listed, how long will the pillars of the community stick around?  What happens when their device bites the dust and a simple solder job will not suffice?

We all will need to face the facts that nothing lasts forever, and as the N900 fast approaches its 2nd birthday, it’s an anniversary that will be marked by sadness as more people will break away from the device, or break their device.  I am hoping that my newly replaced N900 will still last another year yet, but what will I do then?  There is still nothing I really desire on the horizon that compares to my mobile computer.  If only the N950 was released commercially.  Each passing day I find myself more frustrated with Nokia, and more affectionate towards my N900.

 Inspired by maemo.org poster qole


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