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[6 Jul 2012 | | ]
mSoma: Soma.FM on the N900

An avid music listener? Well, chances are you like radio streams with their opportunity of finding new music to listen to. I’ve already covered a Pandora.FM client for the N900, now there’s mSoma, a client for Soma.FM, bringing you over 20 non-commercial radio channels!

Soma.FM has a handful of channels available, tuned to various genres to suit the different tastes. The music is being picked by award-winning DJs and music directors, which leads to a great pick of underground music. I didn’t listen through every channel, but those I did check out have lead me to some great artists.
The client is rather simple, but has enough features for a stream player. Everything you need is available through one window. You can update the channel list, read the channel information and, of course, stream the channel. An option to view the recently played songs is available too.
You can also point the client to a different channel feed, which might work with some other radio services. Although, I didn’t try any yet.
So, feel free to fetch the client from Extras and experience some good music!

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[5 Jul 2012 | | ]
YTube, original Cutetube fork

While Cutetube-QML is the most popular YouTube client, the alternatives do show up. One that was found is YTube.

YTube is a fork of the original Cutetube (non QML one), the long-standing YouTube client for the N900. With the original CuteTube being overshadowed by it’s successor, YTube offers some of it’s functionality, fixes bugs, and adds in it’s own new features.
Perhaps the greatest thing YTube has to offer is complete multi-account functionality. Very useful, if you have more than one account in use. The auth is menu-based too, unlike the QML/Original Cutetube, which show up a Webkit box. The accounts can be switched on-the-go via the menu.
The player has a few tweaks itself, for example, you can now view the list of related videos and switch to them without leaving the player on the tap menu. Useful, but makes the video hard to watch if you accidentally tapped the screen.
The UI additions include video list tabs for quick switching between your favorites/subbox, more info on the video box and a few less noticeable things.
Some downsides are the lack of player choice, which forces you to stick with the built-in player, the lack of Dailymotion support and some other options have been cut out.
So, does YTube stand as a good Youtube client? It sure does, and replaces the original Cutetube well with the fixed bugs and new features. If you’re interested in trying it out, fetch it from Extras with:
sudo gainroot
ap-get install ytube

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[3 Jul 2012 | | ]
Tennix: Simple mobile tennis

Another one of those boring moments? Well, Tennix 2009 World Tour is an another little, but fun game to fill them in!

Tennix is, quite obviously, a mobile tennis game and is probably as simple as it can be (not taking Pong into account). You, your opponent, a field and a ball. Either single player, or 2-player mode (requiring you to either share a keyboard or hand your pal an externally connected one) is there. You can also switch between several locations, but I have yet to see what major difference they play.
Surprisingly, it plays very, very well with both the touchscreen and stylus or the keyboard. It’s smooth and simple gameplay doesn’t require much movement.
Definitely a good thing to have in your time-keller library. Fetch it from Extras with
sudo gainroot
apt-get install tennix

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[2 Jul 2012 | | ]
VU Meter: Just what it says on the tin

Interested in how loud your environment is, but getting an actual VU meter seems a bit too much for you? Fret not, as your N900 can replace it with this nifty app.

vumeter is just what it is: a VU meter and it has many interesting features to boot. It can measure the volume in dB or linear, has a few graph output modes, can capture audio from your N900, from the microphone (i.e. from your environment) or from the bluetooth. Through the settings you can give it various tweaks and even log the measurements into a file, which could be quite useful if you’re planing to use that data in a project or whatever else. Of course you can also find the averages and the highest values as well.
You never know when something like this could be useful! Go fetch vumeter from extras:
sudo gainroot
apt-get install vumeter

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[29 Jun 2012 | | ]
Symfonie: a simple music player

Looking for a simple music player that does just what it has to do: play music? Well, Symfonie is what you might have been looking for.

Symfonie has a simple and fast interface, folder-based browsing (which I myself find much more comfortable than the Artist-Album-Song etc. that the most of the players have) an equalizer and a few other things, such as a sleep timer and speed control.
The simpleness of the design also makes Symfonie less resource-hungry than most other players out there, compared to Mediabox, OMP and a few others, Symfonie takes around 1/3 less RAM and significantly less CPU.
A little drawback I found is that the sound controlling button pulls out a whole pop-up with a giant slider. While that helps to cut it away from the file browser, I’d rather have a small slider over/under the browser. But with the volume control keys it’s not much of a problem.
So, if you’re interested in a simple player, give Symfonie a try, fetch it from Extras with:
sudo gainroot
apt-get install symfonie
I found the player great to keep around, and perhaps, you will too.